Electric Bike News Week of 2-21-10

$5 a Gallon Gas Predicted for US this Summer.

Hello and welcome to another electric bike news recap from the week of February 21, 2011.  Lots of cool e-bike news in store for ya!  Videos from the beaches to the -40C lands, the new electric mountain bike scene, an e-bike love story and more!

And now some Electric Bike NEWS!

$5 a gallon gas prices in the US by summer?  Maybe time for more people on electric bikes 🙂

Thrust Electric Cargo Bike

Thrust electric bikes was at the international pizza expo in Las Vegas recently to promote their cargo bike to pizza businesses as a pizza delivery vehicle!  I am really excited about electric cargo bikes as business delivery vehicles.

Here is a video I just added of the Ohm XS 750 electric bike that I have been testing for review.  The video covers the features of the Ohm electric bike and the review will be coming soon.

Stealth electric bikes are now available in the US.  These electric “mountain bikes” are originally from Australia and now they distribute in the US.  These are a cross between an electric mountain bike and electric motorcycle.

Pedego recently had a Pedego Owners Group electric bike ride in Southern California.  Below is a video recap of the event.  Looks like fun; I could use a nice ride along the beach right now!

And then to contrast a nice ride along the beach here are the tough folks from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada riding in an event called the Ice Cycle with -40C temps.  180 people rode; it sounds like they have a nice biking culture there!

There is a new electric bike and scooter shop in Berkley California called Green Choice Moto.  They also provide rentals.

I am working on a new electric mountain bikes guide that lists a lot of the electric mountain bikes and conversion kits that are available.   This will be updated over time as new e-mountain bikes come out.

Bike Radar recently did a full review of the Trek Tranport + electric cargo bike.

Traveling the world by electric bike!

WOW!  You should really check out this story about a man from Spain marrying a woman from Vietnam on his electric bike tour around the world promoting energy conservation and waste reduction.  Their love story is pretty wild!  Also, checkout the website Electric Bicycle World Tour

M55 is launching their new electric bike The Daemon at the Monaco Luxury Fair in April.  The M55 are definetly luxury e-bikes!

Researchers at Portland (Oregon) State University are looking for electric bike riders to interview.  Here are some of the questions: Have you purchased an electric bicycle? or converted your bike to electric-assist? What compelled you to purchase one and what do you use it for?  Checkout this article for more info.

The cops are cracking down on cyclist breaking the law in New York City!

Derby Cycle, one of the larger bike manufacturers, is seeing growth, particularly in the electric bike area.

“The E-bike Market is Viable and Growing” This is an interview with Powabyke MD Nick Child.

Well, that about wraps it up.  Please share any electric bike news that you have come across in the comment section below.



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