Jay Leno & Leonardo DiCaprio Ride the A2B Metro Electric Bike!

When Jay Leno and Leonardo DiCaprio are riding electric bikes you can imagine that e-bikes have hit the big time!

The electric bike that these 2 celebrities are riding is the A2B Metro electric bike.

Here is a video from Jay Leno’s garage.

It is great that Jay Leno covers all forms of vehicles.   In fact it is interesting to see some of the big car companies jump into the electric bicycle scene: VW, BoschSmart Car to name a few.

Leonardo DiCaprio on his A2B Metro Electric Bike

Do you think celebrities riding electric bikes is a good thing to raise awareness about these cool light weight electric vehicles?

Would you like to see more car companies offering electric bikes in their show rooms?

Please leave your comments below.



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  1. says

     It does not out do the big 50, but it is good for around town.   Around here you could actually go from one town to another with the 40 mile range.


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