Miley Cyrus Rides a Pedego Electric Bike!

Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana star) rides a Pedego Electric Bike!

Miley Cyrus, the star of Hannah Montana, was recently spotted riding a Pedego electric bike in Los Angeles.  She was on her way to a local coffee shop when she got a flat tire and the paparazzi was all over the story!

The story spread quickly on the internet (People, The Sun, Daily Mail, etc,) due to Miley’s fame.  Here is a link to the story with more of the paparazzi details!

Celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and Jay Leno are also fans of electric bikes and this is a nice way to bring electric bikes to the attention of the main stream public.

Don DiCostanzo, the president of Pedego Electric Bikes, added this background to the story:

“To share a little history, a picture of Miley in People Magazine a few years ago was the inspiration for us selecting white with mint green rims for our Step Thru launch bike.

Independent of that, our dealer in Hollywood reported to us about that Miley’s Mom, Tish, purchased a Pedego for herself (white/red rims) and husband, Billy Ray (black/red rims).  It turns out that now both Miley (baby blue) and her brother, Braison, now have Pedegos.”

What do you think?  Will celebrities help in bringing awareness of electric bikes to the public?  Have you seen a local celebrity in your town riding an electric bike?  Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.



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  1. Charles says

    Not sure this photo does good things for e-bikes. No helmet (required by law), extremely low saddle height, and a flat tire. This seems to only complete the poor perception IBD’s have of the typical e-bike customer. We need more Leo DiCaprios (A2B, Stromer) and Jason Segels (A2B) on e-bikes!

  2. says

    I hope that e-bikes going “mainstream” will help curb NYC’s misguided war on them. I no longer ride mine- I take the battery out and ride it as a regular bike. NYC wants to appeal to the upper classes, which is why there are now a decent amount of bike lanes, but the upper classes also hate deliverymen who ride e-bikes. As a result, the city has stepped up the enforcement of their anti e-bike laws, which are already preposterous (there’s a $500 fine for riding one, and they technically can ticket you even if you’re not using the motor).
    Hopefully pictures of Miley Cyrus on one will convince the right people to hate the drivers, not the bikes!

  3. Ken Sanders - Trek Navigator says

    Arnold Schwarzenegger was seem testing out the Bion X motor assist kits in California years ago If that means anything

  4. Craig Armstrong says

    Why should I care about somebody who lives in a bubble high above in the firmament of Hollywood. I’m more interested in regular folk!

  5. says

    How does the saying go? Any publicity is good publicity, but I do have to agree with Craig Armstrong and if you only see rich elitists on e-bikes then regular people will not even look into them thinking they are far to expensive for them.

  6. sarah says

    I get flat tires all the time. Bike shops gas stations think there is no tube in the tire. I am sure there is but I need to know what to do. How to change the tire. Why they are so easily prone to flats.

    • Pete says

      Hi Sarah, Below is a post about avoiding flat tires that may help.

      Changing a tire on an e-bike can be a bit more complicated when compared to a traditional bike so you may want to have your local shop change it for you at first. They may allow you to watch and learn how to do it yourself.


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