Ohm Electric Bikes: 15% Lighter! [VIDEO]

Ohm electric bikes are 15% lighter!

Ohm Electric Bikes have been know for high quality.  They feature the Bionx electric bike kit along with well known bicycle component brands; Shimano, Magura, Mavic, Ritchey, etc.

To add to all of that, they have made their bikes 15% lighter!  A lot of the weight savings comes from the new Bionx 350 HT SL – superlight motor, which is 25% lighter than original Bionx motor.

In addition to making these design improvements Ohm also added a new model to their line up.

The Ohm XU 700 Special Edition looks like a blend of their commuter  bike (XU 700) and their mountain bike (XS 750).  The XU 700 SE  appears to be a nice city bike that can handle some long miles on the weekend.

Personally I have been a fan of Ohm electric bikes because they are very high quality bicycles.  And when it comes to high end bikes, I am a bit of a connoisseur.  Similar to people who are connoisseurs of fancy cars.  Of course that level of quality comes with a higher price!

Here is my review of the OHM XS750 electric mountain bike (older version).

This is a video that Ohm recently put together in the Seattle area.

It will give you an idea of some of their e-bike features.

Have you ridden an Ohm electric bike before?  Do you own an Ohm?  Please share your thoughts on these bikes in the comment section below.



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  1. says

    Yes, I have a Ohm and just did my 500th mile in 33 rides over five months. Each one logged, most with comments, photos and maps. So it is a source of info about the day-to-day use of an eBike.

    My brother just bought a Giant Twist with dual battery packs. It will be fun to take them out together and switch off occasionally.

    I enjoy your website/blog and all its information. Keep up the good work.


  2. Norm says

    I have ridden many e-bikes, including Kalkhoff, Ohm, iZip, Gepida, Giant, plus others. The Ohm Urban has great components and a very smooth motor. The comfort level is very high. Hill climbing is superb. The Urban will be my next commuter, starting Monday.

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