Ibera PakRak Commuter Bike Bag in for Review [VIDEO]

Ibera Commuter Bag in for Review

This is a quick introduction to the Ibera PakRak Commuter Bike Bag that is currently in for review at Electric Bike Report.  In the video I go over the features of the bag.

I will be doing a full review soon with all of the pros and cons. Stay tuned!

Checkout the video!

You can download the video here or download the video to iTunes automatically and add the video to your mobile device.

In the video I showed the Chico Bags which are reusable grocery bags that I use all the time when I am running errands.  I like to have these sturdy bags handy in case I need to run into a store and grab a few things and not use the normal disposable bags.

Do you have any questions about the Ibera PakRak?  Is there anything you would like me to cover in the review?  Please leave your comments and/or questions below.



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