Electric Bike News Week of 1-31-11

Pizza Delivery by Electric Cargo Bike

End o January, early Febuary; time is flying by!  Well this electric bike news recap from the week of January 31, 2011 is full of exciting e-bike happenings 🙂

Time for the electric bike news!

I love this stuff!  Get your Super Bowl pizza delivered by electric cargo bike!  I am so excited about the possibilities for local businesses to use electric cargo bikes for their local deliveries.  Thrust Electric Bikes is the company mentioned in the article.  Also check out B-Line in Portland Oregon, they make deliveries for businesses.

Think your a tough bike rider?  Well check out this video from EBR community member, Ken from Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada.  It is a large group ride called “Ice Cycle”.  Temps were……….-36C.  That is a tough group of riders!  Check out the vid:

In Aspen, Colorado there is a debate over whether electric bikes should be allowed on recreational trails that traditional bicycles are allowed on.

Panasonic Electric Bike Designed for the Elderly in Japan

This is an electric bike from Panasonic that is designed for the elderly in Japan.  It will be interesting if this focus works to get more of the elderly riding electric bikes.

A little info about B-Cycle which is a traditional bike share program in the US.  Electric bike share programs are on the horizon too.

Automatic bicycle shifting?!  Yes, this is something I was able to test out on my recent trip to the NuVinci headquarters in Austin, Texas.

Interesting interview with SiGNa’s president about their hydrogen fuel cell and electric bike applications.

Featured before in the e-bike news, but still cool, the Fortune Hanebrink snow and sand electric bike!

Fortune Hanebrink electric bike

Here is another teaser picture of the Ohm XS 750 electric bike that I have in for testing and review.

The post office on the Balearic Isles (Spain) is adding electric bikes to their fleet of vehicles to help their delivery people get around a little easier.

Here is an article that speaks to the health benefits of electric bikes.  Some good points in this article!

Looking for a small, foldable electric bike that you can take with you almost anywhere?  Checkout the VeloMini electric bike.

Here is a cool article about a store in Santa Barbara, California that is focused on promoting bike commuting and helping Santa Barbara become one of the great bike commuter cities in the US.

In Toronto Canada there is a debate over where electric bikes and scooters belong.

High gas prices provide an opportunity for e-bike makers to offer a solution.

This is a post about an email that I got from an Electric Bike Report community member, Hung Ly about how electric bikes/trikes inspire him to help others.

Bike Republic, an electric bike store, opened a concession in Selfridges, a large department store chain.

The PiCycle is featured in this article with other sustainable focused designs using the the Autodesk software.

And that about wraps it up!

Please let us know if you have some electric bike news by leaving a comment below.



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