Easy Motion Electric Bikes Launches the EVO Series with the Debut of the EVO ECO Lite

The Easy Motion Evo Eco Lite electric bike.

The Easy Motion Evo Eco Lite electric bike.

This is a press release from Easy Motion USA.

The eco-friendly Easy Motion brand, a division within the BH Group, is pleased to announce the addition of the EVO ECO Lite to the 2014 Easy Motion line-up.

The EVO ECO Lite has some major differences compared to the popular NEO City that really brings this bike into its own.

An external charging port allows for quick and easy charging without removing the battery.

Another great feature of this bike is the easy step through frame, which offers a 26” tires and 16” frame.

The EVO ECO Lite now offers a lithium ION Samsung 9amp battery and tighter battery tolerance for a tighter fit.

Easy Motion USA CEO, Steve Lindenau stated, “We value the long-standing relationships with our dealers and customers. Their feedback has allowed us create the EVO ECO Lite. An e-bike that meets their needs and gives customers the external port they’ve been looking for. The added convenience is the bike sits lower and has the lowest step through frame in our fleet, making it even easier for a variety of users to mount the bike. The EVO ECO Lite is a true comfort bike for city commuters.”

Another great attribute is the $2,399 MSRP on the EVO ECO Lite making it attractive to customers looking to purchase an e-bike.

The Easy Motion Evo Eco Lite electric bike.

The Easy Motion Evo Eco Lite electric bike.


Here is a link to the specifications page of the Easy Motion Evo Eco Lite.

About Easy Motion

Easy Motion is a multi-national company within the BH Group, headquartered in Spain and creating quality products for over 100 years.

BH is known as one of Europe’s most prestigious bicycle makers and has built the brand into one of the most established and successful in the world of cycling.

Since our inception, BH painstakingly engineers, designs, tests and builds bicycles that climb with ease, descend with confidence – always putting rider performance and comfort out front.

With distribution and operations in North America, Spain, Mexico, Asia, UK, Portugal and Germany, Easy Motion products can be found in more than 65 countries worldwide.

Easy Motion USA with the latest in pedal assist technology launched the award-winning NEO bike with three distinct series; NEO Cross, NEO City and NEO Xtrem – it’s the next generation in hybrid bikes that takes you from a leisure cruiser to extreme sport.

For more information visit www.eMotionBikesUSA.com . Easy Motion and the mark “BH” are registered trademarks and used by BH North America Corporation under license from their owners.

End of press release from Easy Motion USA.

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