E-Bike News: City Trike, So. Cal E-Bike Tours, E-Mtb’s, Pedal Promotions & More! [VIDEO]

City Trike is a new start up that is offering 3 different styles of pedal/electric trikes; The City Trike Cargo, The City Trike 2Go, and the City Trike Taxi.

These are designed with weather protection canopies, cargo carrying capacity, 250 watt to 750 watt front hub motors (depending on the market), easily swappable 48 Volt 10 ah batteries, regenerative braking, optional solar panels for charging the batteries, and more!

Here is a video about these new pedal/electric trikes:

Make sure you visit City Trikes crowdfunding webpage for more info.

This is a great story about a bike rack business in Cleveland Ohio that is providing jobs to the homeless.

Here is a picture of the Prodeco Outlaw SS electric mountain bike that just arrived for testing and review.

And here is a picture of the rear suspension of the Emotion Neo Jumper full suspension electric mountain bike that I have also been testing for review.

I just came across Portland Pedal Promotions.  They carry around advertising billboards on their bike trailers and their riders can distribute flyers, samples and printed material.  This is a cool business idea and it could work well with electric bikes too!

I like the name of this e-bike tour company: Pedal or Not.   They provide e-bike tours of the Santa Monica and Venice, California areas.  Pretty cool article about their tours.

“Fat” electric bikes are a growing niche in the e-bike world.  Check out this guide to “Fat” e-bikes to find out more about them!

Turbo Bob recently reviewed the EVELO Aurora electric bike with the NuVinci N360 continuously variable transmission.

That’s it for now.

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  1. Steve Parnell says

    The idea is excellent. The trike they designed would be of good use in a city.

    But the big problem with EV startups is “profitability”. Can this electric trike sell for at a price that it can make the company profitable?

    There have been tons of great ideas in the EV industry but none are profitable. There is just too much cost overhead, too much competition online, and not enough demand. Even Tesla is losing money and they have a gorgeous electric car and have done everything right as far as branding and marketing.

    • says


      there will be an announcement soon regarding an agreement with EV Innovations UK and Grupo Evoasis based in Mexico. It is in Mexico where we will be able to assemble 3000 units by 2015 and reduce the price below $3,000. We have funding being secured by the Mexican Government.
      This will allow the EV City Trike range to be profitable and competitive


      habrá un anuncio pronto sobre un acuerdo con EV Innovaciones Reino Unido y Evoasis Grupo con sede en México. Es en México donde podremos reunir 3000 unidades para el año 2015 y reducir el precio por debajo de $ 3.000. Tenemos fondos están asegurados por el gobierno mexicano.
      Esto permitirá que el EV City cubre Trike de ser rentable y competitivo

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