OHM Cycles Launches New E-Bikes with Höganäs Transverse Flux Motor and AllCell Extended Life Battery

This is a press release from OHM Cycles.

OHM Cycles announces the release of the first electric bike line to feature next generation transverse flux motors, developed by Swedish iron and metal powder firm Höganäs. 20% more efficient and 50% more powerful than traditional e-bike motors, the new motor raises the bar for e-bike performance.

“OHM’s ADVANCE™ series is the most significant development since the launch of our original e-bikes,” said Michael DeVisser, Co-founder and CEO of OHM Cycles. “To create these bikes, we brought together a team with a broad range of expertise from design to engineering.  Our new ADVANCE™ e-bikes are a breakthrough for urban commuters and recreational cyclists.”

Delivering 50% more torque (18/40 Nm (13/30 lb-ft)) and 500W of power (250W for EU), the OHM Höganäs models offer best-in-class efficiency (10 Wh/km in mountain mode) and the best sustained hill climbing performance on the market.

The premium performance of the transverse flux motor stems from the unique 3D properties of its components – constructed from soft magnetic composites that reduce motor size, weight, and energy losses.

Coupled with new AllCell battery technology, the bikes have a 50% longer battery cycle life, letting cyclists take advantage of longer battery performance.

The bikes feature OHM’s proprietary hydroformed frames, which are stronger, more rigid, and 20% lighter than previous models.

The ADVANCE™ series e-bikes come in three different models:

The Urban XU700B city bike features components optimized for urban commuting and uses a clean and low-maintenance Gates Carbon Drive.

The Cross XU800 hybrid bike blends characteristics from road bikes, touring bikes, and mountain bikes.

The Sport XS900 tour bike features components designed for long distance trekking and all terrain riding.

A leader in Canadian electric bike manufacturing, OHM Cycles continues to stay on top of e-bike developments to offer next generation performance electric bikes to growing North American and worldwide markets. A trend that is catching on in North America, e-bike sales now account for two out of every ten bikes sold in Europe.

OHM ADVANCE™ series e-bikes will be available for viewing and testing at Interbike (at OHM Cycles booth P216 and at AllCell Technologies booth 3013).

Key Features and Components:

  • Three models designed for city commutes, light trails or rugged terrain.
  • Transverse flux motor features best-in-class hill climbing performance – 10 Wh/km.
  • 36V Li-ion battery available in two sizes.
  • Available in multiple frame sizes to accommodate a wide range of rider heights.
  • ADVANCE™ hydroforming produces a strong, light and rigid frame, with a standard wheelbase for best manoeuvrability and handling.
  • Magura hydraulic disc brakes for precise control and stopping power.
  • Center-mounted battery with AllCell phase change material (PCM) for 50%+ improvement in battery cycle life.
  • Schwalbe tires with GreenGuard puncture protection, low rolling friction and excellent grip.
  • Two-year warranty.

About OHM Cycles

OHM Cycles Ltd. is a premium electric bike manufacturer based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Our mission is to be the leader in high performance electric bikes for commuters and recreational cyclists. OHM Cycles proudly supports going green with electric bikes – an eco-friendly solution to the world’s transportation and environmental changes.

Find out more at http://ohmcycles.com

About Höganäs

Höganäs AB is the world’s leading producer of iron and metal powders. Building on its clear vision of the possibilities of powder to improve efficiency, the consumption of resources and environmental impact across a raft of segments, the company has developed in-depth application skills. Thus Höganäs can help create the automotive components, white goods, water and exhaust treatment products of the future in collaboration with its customers. Founded in 1797, the company had sales of MSEK 6,700 in 2012, and is quoted on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm’s Mid Cap List.

For more information, please visit our website: www.hoganas.com.

About AllCell Technologies

AllCell Technologies designs and manufactures lithium-ion battery packs for transportation and renewable energy applications. The company’s patented thermal management technology allows production of compact, lightweight, and long-lasting batteries. AllCell’s thermal management technology is based on the use of phase change materials (PCM) to surround each lithium-ion cell, absorbing and conducting heat away to dramatically extend the life of the cells and prevent fire or damage to the battery.

For more information, please visit: www.allcelltech.com.

End of press release.

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  1. Norm says

    For Ohm to depart from Bionx is a really big deal.

    The battery capacity in WattHours on a couple of the new Ohms is less than what they have now, which seems odd.

  2. Mike P says

    Cool bike!

    Glad to see more companies using a more reliable allcell battery pack. I have one from chicago electric bikes that I put on my 1000 watt build and it works awesome! Allcell makes really good batteries.

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