AvaDream to Launch db0 3.2A Electric Bike at Interbike Las Vegas

The Avadream folding electric bike.

This is a press release from AvaDream.

Powerful brushless DC/R Motor, high-capacity lithium battery, added front disk brake and 7 speed shifter for a safe, exhilarating riding experience – still gorgeous, still foldable, still unique.

New York, NY – September 10, 2012 – A new powerful electric folding bicycle from AvaDream, the db0 3.2A, will be introduced next week, September 19-21, at the annual Interbike tradeshow in Las Vegas, NV.

Equipped with 500W DC brushless r/motor and a new high-capacity 36V, 6.6Ah Lithium Battery, the db0 3.2A 20″ Electric Folding Bike is a force to be reckoned with.

The innovative technology of the brushless motor allows the rider to select between Pedelec – humanized electrical power- assist mode – and throttle controlled auto power mode, for maximum power. The db0 3.2A represents state of the art innovation and technology in an industry that is expected to grow very quickly in coming years.

“The AvaDream db0 3.2A will be one of the most powerful folding electric bicycles on the market.” said Eli Dayan, AvaDream President.  

Category leading feature updates include the front disk brakes and Shimano 7-speed shifter, replacing the previously used Sunrace inner 3-speed, contributing to a safer, more personalized electric bike experience.

The Avadream folding electric bike.  The battery is housed in the “hinge”.

Avadream electric bike in folded configuration.


With it’s eye catching sleek black/green matte finish, aluminium alloy frame and unique folding design, the db0 3.2A is, visually, nearly identical to its predecessor.

Features formerly incorporated in the 3.0 version’s design are making a welcomed come-back on the db0 3.2A; water resistant connectors and wires, speed sensor and LCD console. 

The AvaDream db0 3.2A will begin shipping to dealers in November, 2012 with a market suggested retail price of $2,250.00. For more information on the latest eco-friendly innovation by AvaDream, visit www.avadream.com. 

End of press release

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  1. Leverne Lloyd says

    I.noticed that the 3.2 has a throttle where as the 3.0 don’t. I just purchased the 3.0 dbo and noticed that the battery is only 24v compared to the 3.2 with a 36volt so I’m guessing the maker realized that more volt is better and the throttle gives the rider more control. Wish Icould trade my new one that Ihave not rode yet for the 3.2 wow

    • says

      3.2A isn’t in stock yet. I’ll have them for delivery in January. Can’t trade it in but I would give you a discount if you want to buy a second one 🙂
      Jonathan Rudes
      Executive Vice President
      Avadream, Inc.

      • L. Lloyd says

        Hey whats up with the new dbo was there a delay. As I recalled you informed me that they would be available in january and here we are in april and still have not found at the shops yet. Also I got a new dbo 3.0 and would like to convert into throttle so i dont have to pedal all the time. Is that possible to do or would that be a waste of money? i was also told that these bike has cruise control and I have yet to figure out how to activate it can you help?

      • says

        I have DB0 3.0, but I fear the future battery might go down. Do you have two extra brand new battery where I can order from your company? I live in Los Angeles.
        When can I buy dbo 7?

  2. Lloyd king says

    Is it possible to install a throttle on the dbo 3.0 like the 3.2 has on the handle bar? While I’m thinking that the single forks will be a challenge to the brooklyn streets Ido like the style, for the price I paid for the 3.0 unless I can trade for the upgrade. Lol

  3. says

    We are out to buy a new electric bike today, can you tell me if currently the 3.2 is available and can we change the seat to a more senior citizen friendly cushion. Thanks. 714 936 1886

  4. L. Lloyd says

    Hey Johnathan as I now know you guys are out of business and the DBO 3.2 was a bust I now realize I made a bad purchase in buying the 3.0 in november of 2012. I have complaint about the LCD and the battery also the hub makes a humming sound that seems to constantly come and go seems like the bike is about to go and that is just not fair for the money I paid for the bike. I was told I had a 1 year warrantee but I guess thats out the window.


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