Custom Electric Bikes with BionX & Gates Belt Drive

In this installment of custom electric bikes from the North American Handmade Bicycle Show there is a retro e-cruiser with a classic gear shifter, a titanium e-mountain bike, and an electrified Santana tandem!

All of these custom e-bikes feature the BionX electric bike system with the Gates Carbon belt drive.

These bikes were part of a challenge that Gates put forth to custom bike frame fabricators.  They were to design a unique e-bike using the BionX  system with a 3 speed internally geared hub with the Gates carbon belt drive. [Read more…]

Custom Electric Bikes with SRAM E-Matic & Gates Belt Drive

How is this for custom electric bikes: an e-BBQ-bike with refreshment carrying capacity, a wooden frame e-bike, a bamboo frame e-bike, and more!

Those types of e-bikes are the result of a challenge that Gates Carbon Drive put forth to some custom frame builders for the North American Handmade Bicycle Show.

The builders had to incorporate the Gates belt drive with the SRAM E-Matic e-bike system to create a unique e-bike.   And yes, they are unique!

The SRAM E-Matic e-bike system features a rear hub motor with a torque sensor.  The rear motor hub has a 2 speed system that automatically [Read more…]

Custom Electric Bikes with Bosch Mid Drive, Gates Belt, & NuVinci Hub

Recently Gates Carbon Drive (belts) challenged 12 custom bike builders to build electric bikes using their belt drive along with 3 different e-bike systems; Bosch (with NuVinci N360 hub), SRAM, and BionX.

The result was an amazing array of e-bikes that included, titanium bikes, wood bikes, tandems, cargo bikes, a BBQ bike, and more!

These super custom e-bikes were part of the Gates E-Bike Showcase on display at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show in Charlotte, NC.

In this first of 3 posts you will get to see the custom e-bikes featuring the Bosch mid drive system with the Gates carbon belt, and the continuously variable NuVinci N360 rear hub. [Read more…]

English Cycles: Designing & Building a Custom Electric Cargo Bike w/ Bosch, Gates, NuVinci

This is a a guest post from Rob English (of English Cycles), a custom bicycle builder from Eugene, Oregon.

This one has been an awful lot of thought in the creating! I first started thinking about the concept a year or so ago.

Misha (my wife) and I have been car free for over four years, and generally we have the bikes to handle most tasks. Misha has an electric assist on her bike to help with the hill when she is carrying a load, and I enjoy the extra training.

But we needed a solution to two problems – one is to [Read more…]

New E-Bike Bling: The ICON E-Flyer and The Caterham Classic & Carbon E-Bikes

Some new, super stylized electric bikes have just been released and they are causing quiet a stir in the blog-o-sphere.

ICON E-Flyer Electric Bike

First up is the retro style ICON E-Flyer that “captures the classical elegance of the board racers that so effortlessly tackled the grand oval motordromes of the World War I era”.

The E-Flyer has 3,500 watts of power from [Read more…]

Car Manufacturers Audi, BMW, Ford, Smart, VW Getting Into Electric Bikes

The Audi electric bike

This is interesting……why are car manufacturers like Audi, BMW, Ford, Smart, VW and others getting into the electric bike industry?

Maybe they see the increasing demand for versatile and sustainable forms of transportation.

Or maybe it is a marketing strategy to show that they are into green transportation.

In any case it is very encouraging to see these BIG companies [Read more…]

Ideo & Rock Lobster Win Oregon Manifest Utility (Electric) Bike Design Competition

Ideo-Rock Lobster electric bike

Here is a concept electric utility bike from a collaboration between Ideo (design firm) and Rock Lobster Custom Cycles (bike frame builder).   This is the bike that recently won the design competition for the Oregon Manifest People’s Choice award.

Here is a little info about the competition “The Oregon Manifest Constructor’s Design Challenge is a one-of-a-kind design/build competition, in which some of the country’s best [Read more…]

New Futuristic Electric Bike: The Smart Ebike [VIDEO]

Wow!  This is a cool looking ebike!  This is an electric bike from Smart (the same company that makes the tiny Smart car).  It is very futuristic in looks as well as how it functions.

I am excited about this new development from an automobile company because it is adding a new perspective on ebikes from people outside of the bicycle industry.  I think that ebikes are a great form of transportation for all types of people; [Read more…]