Denny: The “All in – Just Ride” Electric Bike: Oregon Manifest [VIDEO]

TEAGUE & Sizemore Bicycle states that Denny is a bicycle “that removes the barriers to becoming an everyday rider”, or put another way “All in – Just Ride”.

Denny is a concept electric bike that is part of the 2014 Oregon Manifest Bike Design Project competition.

The Bike Design Project is a challenge to 5 design and bike building teams from bike centric cities to design the “ultimate urban utility bike”.

This year Denny is the only e-bike in the competition and it is the from Seattle’s TEAGUE & Sizemore Bicycle team. There are 4 other conventional (non-electric) bikes from teams from Chicago, New York City, Portland, and San Francisco.

If Denny is the winner of The Bike Design Project, it will move from a concept e-bike to a full fledged production e-bike with Fuji Bikes.

UPDATE: Denny won the competition and will go into production as an e-bike with Fuji Bikes!

Okay, let’s checkout some of the features of Denny:

Denny electric bike light

In the picture above you can see the integrated head light and turn signals on the side of the front cargo rack. Denny uses a 250 watt geared front hub motor and a 36V 10ah battery is housed in the front rack.

Denny electric bike

The drivetrain is composed of the NuVinci Harmony electronic automatic shifting system and the Gates Carbon belt drive.

Denny electric bike rack

The front cargo rack can carry a number of different items with it’s flexible netting.  The battery is housed under the rack tray.

Denny electric bike handlebar lock 1

Denny’s handlebar also functions as a lock!  Remove the side of the handlebar and wrap it around a pole and lock it up.

Denny electric bike handlebar lock

The handlebar can also be removed from the stem for other locking scenarios.

Denny electric bike fender

Yes, this is a fender. Actually it is more of a tire scrubber, but the idea is to remove the water from the tire before it can splash on you. Pretty cool!

Denny electric bike design team from seattle

The TEAGUE & Sizemore Bicycle team hard at work on Denny!

Here are videos of the other non-electric bikes.

The Blackline from Chicago:

Merge from New York City:

Solid from Portland:

EVO from San Francisco:

Congratulations to the TEAGUE & Sizemore Bicycle team for winning The Bike Design Project with Denny!


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  1. andrew says

    i don’t know what the design goals were that defines a good city bike but i would think a wide open step through frame and geometry that allows flat footed at a stop, with better than average weight and bulk carrying capabilities, would be prime considerations
    while these bikes are interesting designs and have added features, those features don’t really contribute to a safer more comfortable bike with significantly improved carrying capacity, with a motor drive (BB) that can haul more weight on any terrain with significant battery reserve
    in short, they’re little more than eye candy

    • says

      I tend to generally agree with you, but there is some interesting innovations in some of the bikes that might be used in more practical everyday use ebikes. One of them is on the evo which has the multiple and quick attachments for different carriers. I can see this used for saddle bags one day and then the kid carrier for the next or maybe an attachment for a trailer to carry heavier loads.

      I for one would not enjoy riding these bikes, but for the young hipster riding through the city it would work. I will stick with my big heavy modified beach cruiser ebike.

  2. Denny chatelain says

    Hey can I get a Denny bike for free and I’ll promote it here in Canada? They are using my name after all.ha. I wish they would put a back rack on it but I’ve put one on my Shwinn so it wouldn’t be a problem. I bought a used Shwinn e-bike a couple of years ago and I had to have it fixed and the guy didn’t really know what he was doing so now it works most of the time but….I love the concepts of e-bikes but you have to have places where you can get them fixed and parts for them. There are a lot of hills here tho so it’s great having an e-bike. It really is the wave of the future and it’s about time. I’ve never owned a car and I’m a “mature” woman.I hope the gas prices go up and up and then maybe things will change. Let’s hope so before it’s too late. I’m hopeful tho.Cheers , Denny


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