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Top 5 Tips for Lithium Ion Electric Bike Battery Care

Get more miles from your electric bike battery by following these 5 e-bike battery tips.

10 Tips for Improving Your Electric Bike’s Range

Are you concerned about your electric bike’s range?  Would you like to know some tricks for extending your e-bike range when you have that extra errand to run but don’t have that much charge left in your battery? Electric bike range is a common concern among e-bikers and I would like to offer some tips […]

Tired of Bike Flat Tires? This is for You!

Getting a flat tire on your way to work or when you are out enjoying a carefree e-bike ride is no fun.  It can even be stressful if it will make you late for work! There are ways to reduce the stress of a flat tire and put the fun back into riding though.  Below […]

Top 3 Tips For Keeping Your E Bike Running Well

One of the coolest things about electric bikes is how easy it is to keep them running well and how easy it is to repair them.  Cars these days are so complex that even people who used to work on their older cars are forced to take their newer cars to a mechanic for costly […]

Why & How to Maintain Your Bike Tire Pressure [VIDEO]

Having the right pressure in your tires is important because it will make your bike easier to pedal and it will avoid pinch flats.  And nobody likes to get a flat In this video I show how easy it is to maintain your tire pressure.  Included is how to use both types of valves, shrader […]