Why & How to Maintain Your Bike Tire Pressure [VIDEO]

Having the right pressure in your tires is important because it will make your bike easier to pedal and it will avoid pinch flats.  And nobody likes to get a flat 🙂

In this video I show how easy it is to maintain your tire pressure.  Included is how to use both types of valves, shrader and presta, as well as a trick to inflate the tire if the pump is giving you a lot of resistance.

Check out the video below:

If you would rather read about this, you can read the transcripts on Why and How to Maintain Your Bike Tire Pressure.

You can download the video here or download the video to iTunes automatically and add the video to your mobile device.

Here is a bicycle pump that I recommend.  It has a pump head that works for both types of bike valves.

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– Pete

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  1. says

    Even I believe that to have right pressure for bike is really necessary, it makes you go easy with your ride. So whenever I fill air to my bike I always check whether the tires are having appropriate pressure or not.

  2. says

    As a biker you should get a bike pump and a tire pressure gauge. You may also want to carry a brush in your backpack. You can remove any stuck debris or hardened mud. But don’t brush the tires too vigorously so as not to damage the rubber or any other parts of the tire.

  3. C. Kaplan says

    This is really valuable information!  I don’t know the first thing about how to fill bike tires or where to keep the pressure at, so this was a really great video to have found.  Thank you!  I just ride a cruiser called a “mamachari” where I live, here in Japan, to get around town.  It has city road tires that look a lot like the tire you were demonstrating on!  Thanks again for the great video!


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