EVELO Omni Wheel: All-In-One Front Wheel E-Bike Kit [VIDEOS & PICS]

OmniStill12_newThe all-in-one electric bike kit market is heating up and EVELO just added their new Omni Wheel to the mix.

The Omni Wheel is a front wheel system that will make converting a traditional bike to electric pretty easy, while keeping the drivetrain the same.

This all-in-one system starts at $999 if you preorder for delivery in early March 2015. After that point the base Omni wheel will start at $1199.

Here is a video from EVELO that will give you more info on the Omni Wheel:

Most of the all-in-one systems are based on a rear wheel design (except the Electron Wheel).  The advantage of the front wheel design is that it can be easily installed and removed. I know that some people will appreciate being able to add or remove electric assist quickly to their bike when they need it.

The Omni Wheel will not fit every bicycle due to the restrictions of certain fork types, brake clearances, and bottom bracket types. But in general, it should fit a wide range of traditional bikes. EVELO has a good tutorial of things to check on their site.

At 350 watts of power, this wheel will help with climbing hills and cruising through head winds.

EVELO Omni Wheel bike

The wheels have 2 different lithium battery options. A 24V 8.7ah (15-25 mile estimated range) or an extended range version of 24V 14.5ah (25-40 mile estimated range).

There are five levels of pedal assist (no throttle) that are activated by a cadence sensor at the cranks.

A wireless display is attached to the handlebars and that differentiates the Omni Wheel from the other all-in-one kits that use a smartphone application.

Omni Wheel bike

Wheel size options are 26″ or 700c to fit most mountain, cruiser, road, touring, and commuter bikes.

The weight ranges between 19 and 21 pounds depending on the battery size.

Here is an installation video to give you a closer look at the details of the Omni Wheel and how to install it:

It will be interesting to see who is able to get their all-in-one kit to the US market first. Copenhagen Wheel, FlyKly Smartwheel, Zehus Bike+, Electron Wheel, and now the EVELO Omni Wheel are all looking to bring their systems to the US in 2015.  Who will be first?  We will just have to wait and see!

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    These ebike kits will help in making ebikes more popular by the ease of installment and their simplicity. The only problem is the price of around $1,000 is far to expensive for what they provide.
    Again it is the price of the battery which is boasting up the price. If battery industry can cut the cost by half and boost the range of the batteries, then ebikes would really take off.


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