eBike News: High-Tech eTrike, Solar eBike Tours, Grocery Deliveries, Car-Free Cities, & More! [VIDEOS]

iris_eco_beauty_shotIn this week’s eBike news roundup: 

  • High-tech enclosed recumbent Sinclair eTrike
  • New Orbea Katu e50 eBike
  • Solar eBike tour to promote solar energy
  • Cities going car-free
  • Grocery deliveries with cargo eBikes
  • Interview with mountain bike legend Gary Fisher
  • And more!

UK’s Sinclair Brand Is Back

If you are British and of a certain age you may well remember the media frenzy surrounding the [Read more…]

eBike News: Carving eTrike, eCruisers, eRoad Bike, eBike Share, & More! [VIDEOS]

carqon_1carQon Carving Electric Cargo Trike

Electric cargo bikes and trikes are great car alternatives. UPS is even using them for deliveries!

The carQon is an electric trike that can carve into corners similar to a 2 wheel eCargo bike. 

In addition the carQon has suspension, a Brose mid drive motor, a belt drive, and more.

Here is a video of the [Read more…]

eBike News: World Record, New Yamaha, E-Cargo Trike, Back Country Rescue [VIDEOS]

carQon electric cargo trikeBy Richard Peace

eBike World Record Attempt 

Ravi Kempaiah from Madison, Wisconsin is attempting to set the Guinness World Record for most miles pedaled on an e-bike.

He’s attempting a 5,000 mile ride to San Diego during which he will need to ride over 175 miles each day for weeks on end.

He’s hoping to finish his journey at the headquarters of Stromer in San Diego. [Read more…]

E-Bike News: Super E-Cargo Bike, Pope Gets E-Bike, NY Times & WSJ Coverage, & More [VIDEO]

Checkout this wild cargo bike from EcoSpeed and TiCycles: “EcoSpeed, Ti-Cycles and others collaborate in introducing a brand new urban cargo bike design. The CarGoAway – Utility Horse has room in the front for a whole lot of groceries plus an extra seat in the back for a few passengers.

With the EcoSpeed mid-drive motor system integrated into the design it has the power to haul all of that load up the steepest hills.”  Here is a link to more pictures of this e-cargo bike.  No word on price, but I believe it will be up there!

The Pope was recently gifted a Smart electric bike from the head of Mercedes Benz. [Read more…]

Truck Replaced! B-Line = Delivery by Electric Trike in Portland, Oregon [VIDEO]

Post from Paul Willerton, Electric Bike Report correspondent from Bend, Oregon.

It’s a cool, February afternoon in Portland, Oregon. There is intermittent rain falling, the type Oregonians sometimes call ‘dry rain’. On the city’s East side, I’m looking for a company called B-Line PDX.

Not seeing obvious signs on the buildings around me, I [Read more…]

E-Bike News: Ditching Car for E-Bike, E-Trike Deliveries, Gorilla on Electric Fat Bike in Snow? [VIDEOS]

ShawnMon a.k.a. – “AustinGreengo” from Austin Texas is a Realtor and has decided to ride a bike instead of driving his car for a year!  Here is a post about his new Pedego City Commuter electric bike and how much money the average person can save per month in auto expenses if those trips are done via bike.

I just came across Shift Urban Cargo Delivery and they are providing downtown Vancouver (BC) deliveries via electric cargo trike.  It looks like they are doing something similar to B-Line in [Read more…]

Organic Transit ELF: The Future of Car Alternative Neighborhood Electric Vehicles? [VIDEO]

Are you looking for an electric vehicle that uses your pedal power and electric assist (with solar charging!) to replace in-town trips usually done by car?

If so, you should check out the Organic Transit ELF.

Organic Transit recently caught my eye because they have designed a neighborhood electric trike that falls within the guidelines of an electric bike.  At 750 watts of power and a max speed of 20mph (with electric assist only), it technically can go anywhere a [Read more…]

Modular Electric Cargo Bike Design from Italy

Electric cargo bikes continue to be a growing trend in the e-bike world.  Here is a modular bike design that allows 3 different configurations; a normal e-bike, a front load e-cargo bike, and a front load e-cargo trike.

This design is from Luca Feletti, who is a recenty graduate of the Industrial Product Design at the University of Ferrara, Faculty of Architecture. “My thesis is on design of an electric cargo bike. This bike is designed to permit three different configurations (e-bike, e-cargo bike, e-cargo trike) but the possibilities of customizing are [Read more…]