We have a Winner! March’s Electric Bike Report T-shirt.

Lisa from Eau Claire, Wisconsin is March's Electric Bike Report T-Shirt Winner!

This months Electric Bike T-shirt winner is Lisa from Eau Claire, Wisconsin!  Lisa won the T-shirt by becoming a member of the EBR community.

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I Need Your Help!

Enter to win a Free Electric Bike Report T-shirt

I want to make Electric Bike Report the best electric bike resource for you and I need your help!

And yes this is a survey, but I think you will find that it will be worth your time because:

1. You can tell me what information and features you want most from Electric Bike Report.

2. And you will be entered to win an Electric Bike Report T-Shirt!

So please do me a favor and let me know what you want by going here.

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Problem: Normal Transport Not Working! Electric Bike?!

Mmmmm, Traffic!

This is the first part of a guest post from Paul, an EBR Community Member, who lives in the UK and has struggled with a tough commute using traditional transport options.

Part 1 – The Problem

The price of fuel in the UK is getting ridiclous; as it stands it costs the equivalent of $8 for a gallon of what we call petrol, or gas in the US. Added to that I was finding that my commute was getting longer [Read more…]

We have a Winner! February’s Electric Bike Report T-shirt.

February's Electric Bike Report T-Shirt Winner: Steve from Florida

This months Electric Bike T-shirt winner is Steve from Tampa Bay, Florida!  Steve won the T-shirt by becoming a member of the EBR community.

Steve runs an electric bike store in the Tampa Bay area.  He has just started logging all of his commute miles on his website.

I think that is a cool idea and I have been kicking around the idea of setting up a page on Electric Bike Report where we could share how many miles we are putting in on our electric bikes [Read more…]