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New Bafang E-Bike Mid-Drive Systems Offer Energie Cycles Upgrades

The new Bafang mid drive motors will be offered on Energie Cycles 2.6t and 2.6tm electric bikes. In addition, Bafang mid drive motor packages will be available to Energie Cycle dealers for retro fit bike projects.

The Future of E-Bikes: Nicolai/Gates/NuVinci Concept Electric Bike

Breaking news from the Taipei Cycle Show going on now: Checkout this concept electric bike from Nicolai/Gates/NuVinci!  It is a bike that has been designed around the new Bosch electric bike kit that positions the motor to provide assistance at the cranks, the Gates belt drive that eliminates oily chains (and maintenance), and the NuVinci […]

The NuVinci Shifting Experience: NO GEARS!? [Video]

??Imagine you are riding your electric bike along and you hit a hill. Instead of shifting the gears on your bike you simple twist the grip shifter a little (like a volume dial on your stereo) to make climbing that hill a little easier and find that perfect gear ratio.  That is what the NuVinci […]

NuVinci: Something NEW for Bicycle Drivetrain Technology!

Last week I was invited to tour the NuVinci design and testing headquarters in Austin, Texas.  I was able to test ride a number of electric bikes and regular bikes with their new “Continuously Variable Planetary” (CVP) drivetrain.  Below is an introduction to their technology and I will be following this article up with more […]

Bionx Electric Bike Kit Review

I have ridden many different bikes with the Bionx electric bike conversion kit and I have to say that it is probably the most refined ebike kit that you can buy. To compare it to cars, it is like the Mercedes Benz of electric bike kits. This is a review based on a number of […]

NEW Shimano Electric Bike Component Group = Excitement!

This is really cool!  Shimano (one of the most reputable bike component manufacturer’s) is coming out with an electric bike component group!  It is called the Shimano STEPS (Shimano Total Electric Power System) electric bike component group.  This is good news for the electric bike market because Shimano has a reputation of providing quality components […]