Bosch Introduces Nyon Display, Integrated Shifting, & USA Bosch E-Bikes [VIDEOS]

Bosch eBike Systems has made a serious presence in the European electric bike scene and now they are focusing on the US e-bike market for 2014.  In addition they are introducing some new high tech features to their mid drive systems!

Here is a video that will give you an idea of what the Bosch e-bike systems are like and some background on the company, including the manufacturing of their components:

In addition to their newly revamped e-bike system that includes their Active and Performance Lines, Bosch has been busy with new tech developments recently.

They have introduced their new Nyon computer display that provides the typical e-bike information (assist level, battery level, speed, odometer, etc.) in addition to a GPS navigation system that has a moving map in 2D and 3D, Smartphone integration with calls and text messages being displayed along with music player controls, and training features that uses a heart rate monitor with Bluetooth connectivity.

Checkout this video to learn more about the Nyon computer display:

The new Bosch Nyon display.

The new Bosch Nyon display.


Bosch has also been working on shifting integration with NuVinci, SRAM, and Shimano.

NuVinci H|Sync electric bike shifting.

NuVinci H|Sync electric bike shifting.

The NuVinci H|Sync gear system uses their continuously variable internally geared hub and their Harmony automatic shifting system that all integrates with the Bosch system. The rider sets what cadence (30 to 80 rpm) they would like to ride in and the system automatically adjusts the gearing of the bike to stay at that pedaling cadence.

The SRAM Dual Drive 3 Pulse, integrated with the Bosch eBike system, has a 3 speed internally geared hub and a 9 speed cogset.  The 3 speed internally geared hub is automatically shifted based on the speed of the bike.  The system will automatically shift to the low gear when the rider comes to a stop.  The rider can manually shift the 9 speed cogset.

The Shimano system works in combination with Shimano´s Di2 Alfine-8 and Alfine-11 or Nexus-8 internal hub gears. The Bosch motor is throttled briefly while shifting, which makes for smoother shifting.  The system also makes shifting recommendations on the display to optimize the range.

The Bosch electric bike systems are being launched in the US this year on the following e-bikes.

Haibike XDURO FS RX electric mountain bike.

Haibike XDURO FS RX electric mountain bike.

Haibike will have a number of electric mountain bikes along with a fast road style bike (Xduro Superrace) and a touring/commuter style e-bike (Xduro Trekking RX)


The Lapierre Overvolt electric mountain bike with Bosch mid drive system.

The Lapierre Overvolt electric mountain bike with Bosch mid drive system.

Lapierre will be bringing their Overvolt hardtail and full suspension electric mountain bikes to the US.


The Felt Lebowsk-e fat electric bike.

The Felt Lebowsk-e fat electric bike.

Felt will bring their popular Lebosk-e “fat” electric bike to the US along with a full suspension 29er (Dual-E) e-mountain bike, hardtail 29er (Nine-E) e-mountain bike, and the Sport-E which is a commuter style e-bike.


Grace MXII electric bike.

Grace MXII electric bike.

Grace is bringing their stylish electric bikes to the US: the Grace One, MX, MXII, and the Easy.  Some of their bikes feature the NuVinci N360 continuously variable hub and Gates carbon belt drive.


Now, checkout these post for more information on Bosch equipped electric bikes:

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Custom electric bikes with the Bosch mid drive system.

Custom electric cargo bike with Bosch system.

Videos of the Haibike and Easy Motion electric bikes with Bosch electric bike system.

Video of Felt electric bikes with Bosch system.

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  1. Matteo Corti says

    Nyon is still very buggy: several connectivity problems (e.g. WiFi), the iOS app is not able to download any activity (but connects).


  1. […] Bosch is an incredibly popular brand in Europe and in mid 2014, electric bike consumers in the United States were finally able to buy their mid drive system of a number of brands like Felt Electric, Haibike, Easy Motion,and Lappierre.  For 2015 the system will also be available on bikes from KTM, Xtracycle, and Grace in the US. […]

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