Guide To Electric Recumbent Trikes [VIDEOS]

Recently I have come across a number of electric recumbent trikes and this seems to be a growing part of the electric bike or light electric vehicle world.

Some of these e-recumbent trikes are designed for everyday commuting and some of them are high performance “adventure vehicles”.

It is interesting how some of these 3 wheeled pedal/electric vehicles are beginning to offer some car like features.

The following are some complete e-trikes, along with ideas on how to add electric assist to a recumbent trike.

Complete Recumbent E-Trikes

Organic Transit ELF: The Organic Transit ELF is a partially enclosed commuter vehicle focused on being an around town car replacement.

Can go 20 mph, range is 20+ miles, it can carry 350 lbs, and the base price is $5,000.

It has a solar panel on the roof to aid in recharging the batteries when you are out and about.


Here is a video showing off what the Organic Transit ELF can do:


E-Fox:  The E-Fox is all about bridging the gap between a bicycle and a car.


It uses a TerraTrike Rover and the E-Bike Kit conversion system.


Planet Rider:  This e-trike is not available for sale right now because it is still in the prototype/development stage.

It will be a high speed e-trike intended to replace a car.


In this video, inventor David Calley, talks about his vision for the Planet Rider and shows off the prototype:


Outrider USA:  These are high performance “adventure vehicles” designed for power and speed!

Checkout my report on test riding their top of the line Outrider USA 422 Alpha.

They offer 4 different models ranging in speed from 20 mph to 40+ mph, and ranges from 45 miles to 165 miles.  The price range is $5,995 to $11,995.


Enjoy this video of the guys from Outrider USA riding near Vail Colorado:


RunAbout Cycles:  They make custom electric recumbents and other types of custom e-bikes in Fort Collins Colorado.


ICE Trikes: is offering some of their recumbent trikes with the SunStar mid drive motor kit.  It looks like they are only for sale in the U.K.


Como Trikes:  These trikes feature an aluminum frame with suspension and other high quality components.  They use the Falco E-Motors system.


Add an Electric Bike Kit to a Trike

Adding an electric bike kit to a recumbent trike is also an option.

Here is my review of the Terra Trike Rambler with E-BikeKit.


Here is a Greenspeed trike with EcoSpeed kit and NuVinci N360 rear hub for example.


Add an Electric Trailer to a Trike

RideKick:  This is a trailer that literally pushes your bike or trike!  It can also carry some cargo.


RoadRACE Power Pod:  This is not exactly an electric trailer but it functions in a similar way by pushing the bike.


That’s it for now.  I will add more e-recumbent trikes as I come across them.

If you know of a company that makes electric recumbent trikes, please leave info about them in the comments section below.



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  1. Daniel Soria says

    we have an electric bike here in our place Philippines this is a commercially available model base on our area and is viable once we are selling in the market.
    single wheel motor 3 wheeled 3 sitter 20 Km for the 20 ampere deep cycle lead acid battery utilizing fast charging all metal and a baroque design

  2. says

    Hi Pete,

    Don’t forget about us – Como Trikes..! We’re based in the UK and our new e-drive trike was launched in May. Please check it out…. hope you like it.

    Best regards,

  3. SI Reasoning says

    Lightfoot Cycles can add electric assist to their trikes. They put it all on the same drive train and it can be quite efficient.

  4. gary wiseley says

    I plan on taking a trike tadpole recumbent with e-assist across country (northern tier) staying at campgrounds with electric hookups or hotel/motel. I would like a review of specs between Falco e motors and bionix e assist and any other systems that will provide some assistance at the number 1 level for around 80 miles.


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