Electric Bike Kit Guide

Here is an electric bike kit guide that I have put together for you to help sort out what kits are available for your bicycle.  Some of these kits are just for converting your current bicycle to electric and other kits will only be speced on new complete ebikes.  I will continue to add to this list as I come across more ebike kits.

Electric Bike Hub Motor Kits

Hub motor kits are the “norm” these days and they are a great way to power an ebike.

Clean Republic offers one of the more economical front hub motor kits.  It looks like it is very easy to install and remove if you want to return your bike to a regular bike.  Use this Clean Republic coupon code to get $5 off your order: peteprebus

Falco E-Motors makes electric bike kits with 5 phase direct drive motors in a variety of sizes and with the option of a wireless display!

Leed E-Bike Kits offers a wide variety of economical front hub motor kits with lithium batteries.

The Bionx electric bike kit is a very refined system that is becoming a standard kit for bike manufacturer’s to use for their electric bikes.  Uses a rear hub motor design.  Bionx is one of the “cleanest” electric bike conversion kits.  Here are my thoughts on the Bionx electric bike kit.

The E-Bike Kit offers a wide variety of front or rear hub (geared or direct drive) motors with options for lithium ion or lead acid batteries.

The eZee electric bike kit has been around for a while and uses a front hub motor.  This is one of the more economical kits.

Currie Technologies (Izip, Ezip) offers an economical rear hub motor kit.

Want a kit with a lot of power?  Check out the Crystalyte rear hub kits.  Please note that some of their kits go above the US limit of 750 watts and 20 mph to still be considered a bicycle.  High power kits will make your bike a moped and should abide by the laws of a moped.  Oh and be careful 🙂

Speaking of higher power here are the Phantom motors.  See note above about high power kits.

Golden Motor offers front and rear hub motors.  You can actually use their motors in both wheels if you want!

Amped Bikes has hub motors for front or rear hubs.

Mid Drive Electric Bike Kits

Mid drive motor kits allows the motor to power through the drivetrain or gears of the bicycle.  This allows you to climb steep hills by using the electric assist in the lower gears of your bike.

Bafang is now offering a mid drive that fits in a traditional bike frame bottom bracket.

EcoSpeed offers what looks like a very solid mid drive kit.

The Cyclone kit is an economical kit from Taiwan.  Here is a link to their US site.

Mid drive kits only available on complete bikes:

The Bosch eBike System is an electric bike kit that locates the motor at the cranks of the bike which requires a special bike frame.

Shimano will be offering their STEPS mid drive on complete bikes soon.

Friction Drive Electric Bike Kits

The Electric Bike Factory makes a kit that has a roller that rubs on the top of the bike tire to power the bike.

Electric Bike Trailer

Yes that’s right…..a bike trailer that has an electric bike kit that pushes your bike!  Checkout RideKick for more info.

Stay Tuned!

So far that is it.  I will be adding more kits to this list as I come across them; so stay tuned!

If you know of other electric bike kits that I should add, please leave a comment below.



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  1. Sanderskd says

    Sure nice to see Bion X given the mention. As i have been partial to the system using and selling it for the last 6 years

  2. Sanderskd says

    Sure nice to see Bion X given the mention. As i have been partial to the system using and selling it for the last 6 years

  3. Mbiker42 says

    Can we expect reviews on the rest of these kits? Can you also make a note as to which kits are available for retrofit and which are only usable as original equipment only. Like all of the mid drive kits are pretty much OE only, and the stoke monkey is designed exclusively for the extra cycle/big dummy. If you want to put it on something else, there is no support. Maybe an article on the pros and cons of front vs rear hub drive. That’s all I got.

  4. Sayli joshi says

    Electric motor bike is really very
    innovative one.. these motorbikes stands for fuel efficiency which
    comes with reduction of air and sound pollution. Electric motor bike
    are true example of Eco friendly bikes.    Indus India


  5. Chiirish says

    good luck when you need to order parts they refuse to order over phone then when you order over the net they send you an email 4 days latter that they want pics of item you call them and describe in detail they refuse order good luck staying in business stay away phone support is horrible

  6. Dawn Aganon says

    I love my AmpedBike conversion kit! I am a larger lady and use it for commuting and exercise. I did 17.65 miles today. I love the fact that I do not have to worry about wearing myself out or how I am going to get back if I go a long distance. Not to mention that it is good for the environment. A great way to to exercise and lose weight!

  7. Sally says

    I have mixed feelings about ampedbikes. Mainly, because their website states the mini geared motor (stealthy kit) can reach a max speed of 20-22 mph, but that information is outdated and even if they alter the components in their ebike kits their unlikely to update their website to reflect their current specifications.

    For instance, their newer mini geared motors can only reach a max speed of 16-19 mph with pedaling, but that information isn’t stated anywher on their website.

    You’ll just have to learn your lesson the hard way. If you don’t like the changes in their kit, the only thing that they’ll tell you is that “you can return the kit with a 15% restocking fee plus the cost of shipping.”

    • Deb says

      I have a new geared kit and hit 20 miles per hour without even pedaling and have never had any issues with my kit whatsoever. My bike is awesome! Maybe you have the speed limitor plugged in or something.

  8. Jim says

    I’m looking to ‘electify’ a Single Speed Fat Bike. The rims are 26 x 50mm. What would be the best system to power it? I like the idea of a system that can be swapped in/out without too much difficulty, so I can resume ordinary cycling, and I’d like lots of power. Happy to build a separate wheel if necessary, but cost needs to be within reason.


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