Not an E-Bike. Toyota i-ROAD Fully Enclosed Electric Trike [VIDEOS]

Disclaimer: The Toyota i-ROAD is not an electric bike and it does not have a pedal power option.

So why am I talking about it on Electric Bike Report?

Because it is a small electric vehicle that could be a good transportation solution for those who are also interested in electric bikes.

The i-ROAD combines a the conveniences of a car with the advantages of a bike/trike.

toyota i road cornering

It is fully enclosed for weather protection, narrow and very maneuverable, it goes 30 mph, and gets around 30 miles of range.

And like an electric bike, it looks like a lot of fun! Toyota equates the tilting front wheels to carving a turn on skiis.

Toyota is currently testing the i-ROAD in a few select markets.

Here is a video of it being driven in Tokyo:

The -ROAD is being tested in a 3-year verification project in a car sharing program in Grenoble, France. The goal of the project is to reduce traffic congestion and improve urban mobility. Here is a video with the i-ROAD and another EV that they are using in the project:

Toyota i road side

toyota i road interior.jpg

Some of the disadvantages when compared to an e-bike are:

  • No exercise
  • Can’t travel in bike lanes/pathways
  • Can’t take it upstairs to your apartment
  • Will require a license & insurance

So far there is no word on the i-ROAD price or availability. Stay tuned!

If you are interested in pedal/electric trikes here is a guide to upright e-trikes and recumbent electric trikes.

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  1. Lynn Ellsworth says

    Thank you, I love these experiments. Wish I had a chance to try them. If the maximum speed was dropped to 20 mph could we use them on bike paths?

  2. Stretch says

    Another alternative to keep dry when it’s raining and not ebiking weather for me. I think I will be leaning towards the Elio 3 wheel car as the vehicle of my choice for days like that though to keep dry, if I am not going to get any exercise benefit from either of these 3 wheel vehicles.

  3. Andrejs Ozolins says

    I love to see these things, but this kind of promotional blitz is frustrating and a bit offensive. Snappy music, fancy video, repetitititive footage that tells us nothing about its speed, power, battery type/size, weight, controls — absolutely nothing that deserves to be called “information.” Sure, itš just like what Toyota and all the other mfgs do on TV. Too bad we can’t actually learn something.


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