Take an E Bike Test Ride. You Won’t Regret It!

When I see the look on people’s faces after they have gone for an E bike test ride, they are almost always smiling.  I think some people like the concept of an electric bike, but it’s not until they through a leg over one and go for a spin that they realized how much fun it can be!

It doesn’t matter if you are an avid cyclist or if you haven’t ridden a bicycle in years.  The results are almost always the same.  People are excited when they ride an E bike.

I’ve had some serious cyclist friends, who were a little skeptical about electric bikes at first.  But once they ride one and think about all the possibilities of carrying heavier loads while running errands around town and commuting to work they start to see the potential.

Electric bikes are also a great way for people who have not ridden in years to get back into biking.  It makes the hills and windy sections much less daunting.  Plus, for people who may have disabilities, it’s a great way to be able to ride a bike again.

So I encourage you to go to your local bike shop and test ride an electric bike.  Maybe it’s today after work.  Or maybe it’s this weekend, when you have a little more time to really give it a cruise.  Take your wife or husband, significant other, friend and/or kids with you to test ride an E bike.  It can be a really fun experience to share with somebody.

And don’t feel like you have to buy an E bike, just enjoy the experience of riding one.  Treat it like something new and fun to do.   You may enjoy the ride enough to buy one in the future, but for now just enjoy the ride!

Also consider this; some bike shops and sports stores rent electric bikes.  This is probably the best way to really get a feel for how an electric bike handles.  Having the ability to take it out for a couple hours or maybe even all day is an excellent way to have fun and also become familiar with how an electric bike works.

Maybe renting an E bike is something that you do when you’re visiting a new place.   Electric bikes are a great way to explore a town or city.

So obviously I’d like you to test ride an electric bike 🙂  I would also like you to share this idea with your friends and family.  Let them know by word-of-mouth,  e-mail, Facebook, Twitter or whatever you like to use.  And thanks for spreading the word about electric bikes!


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