eBike News: High-Tech eTrike, Solar eBike Tours, Grocery Deliveries, Car-Free Cities, & More! [VIDEOS]

iris_eco_beauty_shotIn this week’s eBike news roundup: 

  • High-tech enclosed recumbent Sinclair eTrike
  • New Orbea Katu e50 eBike
  • Solar eBike tour to promote solar energy
  • Cities going car-free
  • Grocery deliveries with cargo eBikes
  • Interview with mountain bike legend Gary Fisher
  • And more!

UK’s Sinclair Brand Is Back

If you are British and of a certain age you may well remember the media frenzy surrounding the [Read more…]

E-Bike News: Battery Breakthrough?, E-Cargo Trike, New Shimano STEPS & More! [VIDEOS]

Raiooo electric cargo trike.

RAIOOO electric cargo trike.

Time for an electric bike news update!

It appears that a new and improved lithium battery is on the horizon for electric bikes. It is a lithium sulfur battery chemistry and the hope is that the battery could be significantly lighter and less expensive than the current lithium batteries found on e-bikes.  A note of caution; there has been talk of batteries like this before and those batteries still have not come to market. We will have to see if these lithium sulfur batteries make it to market in the next couple of years.

Here is the RAIOOO wooden electric cargo trike. Checkout the following video of [Read more…]

Guide To Electric Recumbent Trikes [UPDATED]

Electric recumbent trikes are lightweight 3 wheeled pedal/electric vehicles that offer some car like features.

For instance, some of them have weather protection, cargo & passenger capacity, full suspension, comfortable seats, lights & mirrors, etc.

Some of these e-recumbent trikes are designed for everyday commuting around town and some of them “amplify” your pedal power up to highway speeds!

The following is a guide to complete e-recumbent trikes, ideas on adding electric assist to a recumbent trike, and a look at the future of e-trikes. [Read more…]

Welcome to the World of Electric Bikes

ProdecoTech Stride 500 electric bike.

ProdecoTech Stride 500 electric bike.

If you are new to electric bikes then this article will help you get a quick understanding of what electric bikes are all about.

You will learn about;

  • the reasons to have an e-bike,
  • how fast and how far they go,
  • how much they cost,
  • the different types of e-bikes,
  • what the future of e-bike looks like,
  • and how to checkout electric bikes in your town/city.

[Read more…]

Guide to Electric Trikes [VIDEOS]

Butchers & Bicycles MK1 tilting electric trike.

Butchers & Bicycles MK1 tilting electric trike.

More and more electric trikes have been hitting the market and I think it is time to highlight some of these new light electric vehicles.

This guide will focus on upright electric trikes.  Here is a guide to recumbent electric trikes.

First off, let’s checkout some of the new high tech “tilting” electric trikes.  Yes, you can lean them into corners! [Read more…]

TerraTrike Rambler with E-BikeKit Review [VIDEO]

Recently I became interested in electric recumbent trikes because of the number of new e-trikes that have hit the market or will hit the market soon.

Due to the fact that electric recumbent trikes are a growing niche in the light electric vehicle world, I put together a guide to electric recumbent trikes.

There are also the traditional upright electric trikes and these have proven to be utilitarian delivery vehicles.  FedEx uses electric trikes in Paris and B-Line Sustainable Urban Delivery uses them in Portland, Oregon.

With all of that, I set out to do a full review of an e-recumbent trike and that is how the TerraTrike Rambler with The E-BikeKit Electric Bike Conversion System came together!  [Read more…]

TerraTrike Rambler with E-BikeKit Pictures & Specs

Since there has been a growing number of electric recumbent trikes hitting the market recently, I thought it was about time to try one out in a review.

By combining the popular TerraTrike Rambler and E-BikeKit Electric Bike Conversion System I thought this would be a good way to dive into the e-trike world!

In this first part of the review there are a BUNCH of detailed pictures and specifications to get you familiar with this electric trike. [Read more…]

E-Bike News: Lightweight Carbon Diavelo, Haibike E-MTB Video, ELF Stories, New Bosch Kits, E-Bike Pizza Delivery, & More! [VIDEOS]

Lightweight carbon fiber electric bikes!  Diavelo has developed the Au2Bahn Carbon electric bike that they claim is the worlds lightest (14.5 kg or 32 lbs) speed pedelec (45 km/h or 28 mph).  Looks like a high tech ride!

The LA Times reports that electric bikes are estimated to generate $10.8 billion a year in worldwide revenue by 2020, up from $8.4 billion in 2013.  Also e-bike awareness appears to be on the rise; cool!

I like the title of this article from the Denver Post: “Can 28 million Chinese be wrong? Here comes the e-bicycle”

Electric and cargo bikes were the highlight of the recent ISPO bike trade show in Munich Germany.  “66 percent of visitors said e-bikes and pedelecs were [Read more…]

Test Riding the Outrider USA 422 High Performance Electric Recumbent Trike!

The Outrider USA 422 Alpha Adventure Vehicle = 40+ mph, 4,200 watts of power, and up to 165 miles of range!

Let’s just say the Outrider USA recumbent electric trikes are high performance vehicles 🙂

Recently, Jesse, Daniel and Tommy from Outrider USA visited here in Sedona AZ and I had a chance to ride their top of the line 422 Alpha adventure vehicle.

Not only did I get to test ride this e-trike but the guys from Outrider had a chance to sample some of the scenic and twisty roads here [Read more…]