eBike News: Holiday Deliveries, Pros on eBMX, Light eFolder, Solaroad, Sidecar, & More! [VIDEOS]

Larry Harry DHL electric cargo bikeChristmas Deliveries by E-bike in London

East London’s Waltham Forest Council are funding a free local delivery service by e-cargo bike or hybrid van paid for by the paid for by the Mayor’s Air Quality Fund.

It looked to be off to a good start, with Road.cc reporting that 300 parcels had initially been delivered in three days.   

There are long term plans too, with Councillor Clyde Loakes, commenting: “We will use the results of the trial in Walthamstow to develop our plans for a borough-wide zero emission courier service in [Read more…]

eBike News: Bicycles Economic Impact, World Tour, Solar Charging, New eBikes, & More! [VIDEOS]

noordung-angel-electric-bikeBy Richard Peace

Quantifying Bicycles’ Economic Contribution

The U.S. House of Representatives have just passed the Outdoor REC (Recreation’s Economic Contributions) Act, moving it one step closer to being signed into law by the president.

As suggested by its title, The Outdoor REC Act would require the U.S. Departments of Commerce and Labor, working with federal land management agencies, to provide statistics on the economic contribution of recreation to the U.S. economy – and that inlcudes bikes’ and e-bike’s contribution. 

People for Bikes said: 

‘We believe it is time for the bike industry’s economic statistics to be measured in the same way as other sectors such as the automobile, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries. Measuring the economic benefits of bicycling will demonstrate that investment in bike infrastructure leads to economic development, jobs and healthier communities. [Read more…]

A Bulletproof Electric Mountain Bike Set Up for Long-Distance Touring 

electric-mountiain-bike-touringArticle by Rob Katzenson and trip pictures & maps by Andrea Almering. 

The day described in Little Feat’s song “Old Folks Boogie” has arrived – When your mind makes a promise that your body can’t fill.

The tough to swallow part is your brain doesn’t realize your condition. You want the landscapes, the solitude and the body workout with minimal car contact.

The world offers heaps of places for these things BUT your body needs a little boost to make riding a pleasure – not a pain. Today’s E-MTB’s offer up a Middle Way for the rider whose days of pure human-powered, self-supported touring have dwindled.

Besides the physical realities you’re fixing to put two kids through university and your moneybag has some limits. Rest easy – there is an answer! [Read more…]

The Lightweight Maxwell EP0 Electric Bike & Interview with the Founder [VIDEO]

maxwell epo electric bike 1With a claimed weight of 25 pounds, the Maxwell EP0 is one of the lightest electric bikes around!

The EP0 achieves this with a relatively small motor, small battery (hidden in the frame tubes), and a simple “fixie” style bike set up.

The EP0 looks like a good e-bike for the urban commuter that wants moderate assist and a normal looking bike. [Read more…]

Electric Bike Touring: 80 Year Old to Ride 2,500 Miles on an Easy Motion NEO Jet!

John Moss electric bike touring

John Moss will ride his Easy Motion Neo Jet 2,500 miles from Washington State to Ohio!

What a great adventure; 2,500 miles of electric bike touring from Washington State to Ohio on an Easy Motion NEO Jet!

At 80 years old, John Moss will start his cross country adventure on June 4th and finish in Ohio around September 1st, 2014.

John is a Korean War veteran who started cycling at age 62 and he has biked across the US several times; including a tour from Yukon to Alaska.

John selected the Easy Motion NEO Jet electric bike for his journey because of it’s low top tube (among other features), which makes getting on/off a heavily loaded touring bike easier.

Mr. Moss will be riding around 60 miles a day, [Read more…]

E-Biking to the Grand Canyon with the Ride the Future Tour Crew! [VIDEO]

Would I like to ride an A2B electric bike with the cross country Ride the Future EV Tour crew on their trip segment from Flagstaff, AZ to the Grand Canyon?  No doubt I would!

Here is a little background on this e-mobility advocacy tour and my trip report from this amazing ride.

Ride the Future Tour (RTFT) is a 44 day electric vehicle cross country trip from Charleston, SC  (July 4th, 2013) to Google headquarters in Mountain View, CA (August 16th, 2013).  The tour is focused on promoting [Read more…]

EVELO 30 Day Electric Bike Challenge: Trade in Your Car Keys for an Electric Bike!

Would you be interested in trading in your car keys in exchange for a new EVELO electric bike to use for 30 days?

If so, then you could be a participant in the EVELO 30 Day Electric Bike Challenge.

In an effort to promote e-bike commuting and everyday use, Boris Mordkovich (CEO of EVELO), has created this challenge as a way to raise e-bike awareness and broadcast the participants experiences.

Here is the general idea: Participants will [Read more…]

Tour de Mongolia – A Solar Powered Electric Bike Tour! Lots of Pictures.

What a way to travel in Mongolia, by solar powered electric bikes!

Last year I became friends with Susanne Brüsch and Ondra Veltrusky, the founders of Pedelec Adventures, when I was at the Bike Expo in Munich and Eurobike in Friedrichshafen Germany.

They are great e-bike advocates who want to show the world what can be done on an electric bike.  Touring Mongolia on solar powered electric bikes is definitely a great way to promote electric bikes!

The following is their press release with a bunch of amazing pictures [Read more…]

An Electric Bike Tour Across the USA!

Trans American Electric Bike Tour

Okay this sounds like a lot of fun; touring across the United States on electric bikes to raise awareness about e-bikes and demonstrate their benefits to many people.  That is what Boris Mordkovich and Anna Mostovetsky are doing and I applaud them for their hard work!  That hard work does sound like a lot of fun to me 🙂

Here is a great quote from [Read more…]

Electric Bike Tour In The Nepalese Himalaya!

From the high and dry mountains to the lush jungles along rough dirt roads, this is a new kind of ebike adventure!  And if that weren’t enough; how about finding a place to charge your e-bike battery every night?

This adventure was put together by 3 guys from Australia and they tested 3 different kinds of electric bike kits (Bionx, Daahub, and Ezee) during the tour to see how they would [Read more…]