All-In-One Electric Bike Wheel Guide [VIDEOS]

flykly smart wheel on bikeAll-in-one electric bike wheels have been getting a lot of attention recently because they provide the ability to easily convert a standard bike to electric by simply replacing the wheel.

Generally they house all of the e-bike components in the hub or wheel of the bike: motor, battery, controller, and sensors.

They are a clean way to add electric assist to a bike because you won’t see the battery, controller, or many electrical wires on the bike.

Some of these systems have advanced smartphone apps that provide the ability to customize the ride style, track rides, share ride information with friends, lock the wheel, etc.

In this guide you will learn about the Copenhagen Wheel by Superpedestrian, the Smart Wheel by Fly Kly, the Omni Wheel by EVELO, and the WIZE Bike+ hub from Zehus.

There is also a breakdown of the specs of each system so that you can compare them and decide which one is best for you.

Some of these systems are not yet on the market but they should be soon.

The Copenhagen Wheel by Superpedestrian

Copenhagen Wheel

The Copenhagen Wheel is the one that kicked off the all-in-one e-bike system frenzy.  It was developed at MIT and is being commercially produced by Superpedestrian.

One of the unique features of the Copenhagen Wheel is that it comes in a single speed or 7/8/9/10 speed freehub option.  It also has a sophisticated system that learns your riding behavior and provides assist based on that.  In addition, the smartphone app offers additional functionality.

Checkout this video for a closer look:

Copenhagen Wheel Specs:

Power: 350 watts (250 watts for EU market).

Battery: 48V lithium. Charge time 4 hours. 1,000 cycle battery life.

Max speed: 20 mph.

Stated Range: 31 miles.

Smartphone App: Yes. iPhone and Android compatible.

Wheel size options: 26″ or 700c.

Regenerative braking: Yes.

Disc Brake Compatible  No.

Multiple Speed Option: Yes. Single speed or 7/8/9/10 speed free hub.

Weight: 13 pounds.

Price: $949.

The Copenhagen Wheel website.

The Smart Wheel by FlyKly

flykly smart wheel on bike

FlyKly has been working hard on their Smart Wheel and they are now shipping their all-in-one wheel to customers all over the world.

The standout features of the Smart Wheel is how small (7″ diameter) and light (6 pounds!) it is and it’s feature rich smartphone app.  FlyKly also offers complete bikes and a few of their own accessories.

Here is a video on how to install the Smart Wheel:

Smart Wheel Specs:

Power: 250 watts.

Battery: 30V 5.3 ah (160 watt hour) lithium. Charge time 3 hours. 1,000 cycle battery life.

Max speed: 16 mph.

Stated Range: 24 miles.

Smartphone App: Yes. iPhone and Android compatible.

Wheel size options: 20″, 26″, or 700c.

Regenerative braking: Yes.

Disc Brake Compatible  No.

Multiple Speed Option: No. Single speed only.

Weight: 6 pounds.

Price: $999 for just the hub. $1,099 for a complete wheel. Complete bikes start at $1,549.

The Smart Wheel website.

Omni Wheel by EVELO


The EVELO Omni Wheel is a front wheel all-in-one that makes installation a little easier by not having to deal with the gearing of the bike.  Other standout features are the ability to get the extended range lithium battery (25-40 miles), disc brake compatibility, and a wireless display instead of a smartphone app.

Here is a video with more info:

Omni Wheel Specs:

Power: 350 watts

Battery: 24V 8.7 ah (210 watt hour) lithium, 4 hour charge time. Or 24V 14.5 ah (348 watt hour) lithium, 9 hour charge time. 750 cycle battery life.

Max speed: 20 mph

Stated Range: 15-25 miles with 8.7 ah battery. 25-40 miles with 14.5 ah battery.

Smartphone App: No. Controlled by included wireless display.

Wheel size options: 26″ or 700c.

Regenerative braking: No.

Disc Brake Compatible  Yes.

Multiple Speed Option: Can use current gearing on your bike because this is a front wheel system.

Weight: 19 pounds with the 8.7Ah battery or 21 pounds with the 14.5Ah battery.

Price: $999 to $1,299 depending on battery and wheel size.

The EVELO Smart Wheel website.

WIZE Hub with Bike+ by Zehus


The Zehus Bike+ system takes the all-in-one system to another level with the possibility of never needing a charge! The system can be set to provide assist when you need it and then recharge the battery using a regenerative braking system to scrub off some speed when you are going downhill or cruising on flat ground.  A smartphone app allows you to customize your ride style. You can set the system to provide full assist (it will need to be charged)  or use the Bike+ mode (no charging) or a setting somewhere in between.

So far the Zehus Bike+ system will only be available on complete bikes starting at the $2,000 price range and up.  We will most likely see those bikes available in the US at the beginning of 2016.

Here is a video with more info on the Zehus Bike+ system.

Zehus WIZE Bike+ Hub Specs:

Power: 250 watts

Battery: 30V 5.3 ah (160 watt hour) lithium. Charge time 3 hours. 1,000 cycle battery life.

Max speed: 16 mph.

Stated Range: 19 miles to infinite using Bike+ mode.

Smartphone App: Yes. iPhone and Android compatible.

Wheel size options: per bike brand.

Regenerative braking: Yes.

Disc Brake Compatible  No.

Multiple Speed Option: No. Single speed only.

Weight: 6 pounds.

Price: only available on complete bikes in the ~$2,000+ price range.

The Zehus WIZE Hub website.


Well, those are the systems that are available or soon to be available.  I’m sure we will see more all-in-one electric bike wheels hitting the market soon.

Stay tuned!


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