2017 Electric Bikes: Orbea, IZIP, Tempo, OHM, A2B, COBI, Juiced Bikes, eJoe, Smartmotion, EZ Pedaler [VIDEOS]

orbea-keram-electric-bike-frameIn this third part of the new 2017 electric bikes report you will see videos from: Orbea, OHM, IZIP, Tempo, A2B, COBI, Juiced Bikes, eJoe, Smartmotion, and EZ Pedaler.

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Tern, Faraday, ProdecoTech, Haibike, Magnum, Easy Motion, eProdigy, Biomega, Vintage, and Big Cat.

Riese & Muller, Benno, Raleigh, Renovo, Bikee, Oyama, Nomad

In this series of reports from Interbike you will get an in depth look at many of the new 2017 eBikes and learn more about the companies that are involved in the North American electric bike industry. Enjoy the videos! [Read more…]

How an Electric Bike Paid for Itself in 3 Rides

This is a guest post by Cathy Lau from OHM Cycles.

Seattlelite David Somers knew that his electric bike would save him money in the long run, but he didn’t realize just how many dollars it would save him with only a few rides.

David has shared his electric bike experiences with us in the past, describing how he fared while pairing his OHM with a Burley Travoy Trailer to accomplish an impressive task (see Burley Travoy bike trailer review ).

Since then, David has been using his bike as his sole means of getting around, and has a very interesting new story to share with us: [Read more…]

Seattle Cafe Delivers Tasty Grub with Electric Bike

Guest post by Cathy Lau from OHM Electric Bikes.

Delivering food orders by bike is no easy task when your delivery routes are filled with steep hills and traffic.

Wanting her company’s new delivery bike to be one she could trust to deliver both her food and her employees safely and reliably, Seattle café owner Emily Mabus invested in an OHM electric bike.

Since mid-March, the company’s OHM XS750 has roamed Capitol Hill every day, always ready to uphold the Other Coast Café’s daily 11am-9pm delivery schedule – helping the café’s employees promptly deliver [Read more…]

E-Bike News: OT Elf on Today Show, E-Bike Freeway, Dartmoor Tour, E-Road Bike? [VIDEOS]

Here is a concept electric bike/motorcycle from the industrial design firm J.Ruiter:  “This “one horse” concept E-bike was a working sketch prototype in a series of electric thoughts. E-bikes don’t need to be bikes with motors and batteries.  34mph + single front brake + 48v 1000watt hub motor = sketchy…”  Hmmmmm……interesting.  We will see if this ever makes it to production.   In any case, it is fun to think outside the box!

The Emotion Neo Jumper full suspension electric mountain bike recently arrived and I have been out testing it on the tough trails here in Sedona, AZ.  Here is a quick video of yours truly [Read more…]

Ohm Electric Bikes to be Featured on Dragons’ Den TV Show!

This is a press release from OHM Electric Bikes.

Vancouver entrepreneur Michael DeVisser will appear on CBC’s upcoming Dragons’ Den episode Sunday, January 20th, 2013 at 8:00PM (8:30PM in NFLD), to pitch OHM Cycles: his line of premium Canadian electric commuter bicycles.

Proving OHM’s business model that test rides sell e-bikes, the Dragons quickly saw the benefits of OHM electric bikes after probing DeVisser about the bikes and taking one for a test [Read more…]

E-Biking For Real with Brett Thurber

This is a guest post from Lani Hanson.

Meet Brett Thurber, co-owner of  The New Wheel electric bike shop in San Francisco, California.

Beware. You will want to try an electric bicycle after reading this article.

I wanted to interview Brett Thurber for a number of reasons.  I remember the buzz in San Francisco’s cycling community when this shop opened exclusively for electric bikes. Despite seeming like a practical choice for SF’s massive hills, cyclists had a bias towards e-bikes.  Why?  My interest was also perked by Brett’s [Read more…]

Regaining the Freedom to Ride With an Electric Bike

This is a guest post from Cathy Lau of Ohm electric bikes.

When injuries take away your ability to cycle where and when you like, sometimes, you can regain your freedom to ride with an electric bike.

Blake Thomson discovered this just last year, after spending 30 frustrating years unable to ride on anything but flat terrain, after a car accident crushed his foot flat “like a [Read more…]

81 Year Old Man Comes Out of Retirement as an “Excuse” to Commute by Electric Bike!

Guest post by Cathy Lau from Ohm Electric Bikes.

Jean Dion is not your typical bike commuter, but he is certainly a devoted one.

Unlike most commuters who choose to bike because they need to get to work one way or another, Jean is an 81 year old retiree who has started working again as an excuse and incentive to commute by electric bike.

To him, cycling is critical to [Read more…]

The Electric Bike Scene at Interbike 2012 – Part 3

Want more electric bike pictures and video from Interbike?  Okay let’s dive in!  Make sure you checkout Part 1 and Part 2 if you haven’t already.

Ohm Electric Bikes had a their newly updated XU700 e-bike on display in a few places around the show.  The new frame looks pretty cool with its hydro formed aluminum tubes.  They have got a futuristic look going for this 2014 model! [Read more…]

Beating Health Road Blocks With an Electric Bike

Bob, his grandson, and his OHM on the John Wayne Pioneer Trail in Iron Horse State Park .

This is a guest post by Cathy Lau.

Not even age, two heart attacks, and a quadruple bypass can stop a cyclist with an OHM electric bike.

What do you do when your passion for biking outlasts your body’s ability to keep up?

How do you continue to make cycling a regular, integral part of your life even as your body starts to show its age?  74-year-old Bob Gellert solved this roadblock by [Read more…]