VIDEO: Stromer ST2 with Stromer Founder at Eurobike

Karen Wiener from The New Wheel had a chance to interview the founder of Stromer, Thomas Binggeli, about the new Stromer ST2 at Eurobike. The ST2 won the prestigious Eurobike Gold Award for Best Electric Bike.

Enjoy this video of the new Stromer ST2!

And here are some pictures of the ST2:


Here is more information on the new ST2.

Karen and Brett from The New Wheel rode Felt Electric bikes from Zurich, Switzerland to Friedrichshafen, Germany where Eurobike is held.  Find out more about their electric bike tour to Eurobike!

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  1. tom perry says

    I own an MT6 ebike from chicago electric bikes and its got a stronger motor and battery and is about $600 less than the stromer. I’ve had it for 2 years now and runs flawlessly. I ride mostly just to work and back. Saves me a lot of money.

  2. jon anderson says

    I see that you’re presenting that you can ‘lock/unlock’ the bike by cellphone ..However, I’ve read specs which state that this function has been removed and replaced by a ‘timed lock’ function, not involving cellphone.
    Can you clarify?
    Also, just how is the front fork modified from the faulty Strom1 fork?

  3. ciizenbfk says

    I’d like to see prices of all these bikes, put right in the first paragraph. (sometimes it seems price info is ‘hidden’ and takes lots of clicks to find it). I’d like this so when I see the price for an ebike is over $6,000 I can stop reading (and consider buying a motorcycle or scooter instead).


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