Guide To Electric Recumbent Trikes [UPDATED]

Electric recumbent trikes are lightweight 3 wheeled pedal/electric vehicles that offer some car like features.

For instance, some of them have weather protection, cargo & passenger capacity, full suspension, comfortable seats, lights & mirrors, etc.

Some of these e-recumbent trikes are designed for everyday commuting around town and some of them “amplify” your pedal power up to highway speeds!

The following is a guide to complete e-recumbent trikes, ideas on adding electric assist to a recumbent trike, and a look at the future of e-trikes. [Read more…]

The Cardio Controlled Falco Fusion Sports E-Bike System [VIDEO]

Falco Fusion Wheel Drive System with Cardio ControlFalco E-Motors has just launched their new Fusion Sports electric bike kit on Kickstarter.

This is a unique kit because it is cardio controlled.

What does that mean? You can set the heart rate range that you want to be exercising in and the Falco Fusion Sports system will vary the amount of assist to make sure you stay in that range. High tech!

While we are talking about tech, the Fusion Sports system features smartphone integration, which is [Read more…]

Xtracycle EdgeRunner Cargo Bike with Falco eMotors Electric Bike Kit Review [VIDEO]

Are you looking for a way to ditch your car?  Well, the Xtracycle EdgeRunner cargo bike with Falco eMotors electric bike kit might be your car alternative or…….replacement?

The combination of this versatile cargo bike with electric assist truly provides a bike that can do a lot of the commuting and errand running that is traditionally done by car……..all while having more fun!

Commuting or running errands in a car is so easy; you just jump in and go.

Well this e-cargo bike has some of those same attributes and it can make the decision to ride your bike vs. drive the car a lot easier. [Read more…]

Xtracycle EdgeRunner with Falco eMotors Electric Bike Kit: Video, Pictures, & Specs

The Xtracycle EdgeRunner cargo bike with Falco eMotors 500 watt electric bike kit is in for testing and review!

The EdgeRunner is a versatile “longtail” cargo bike with many accessories options that help with carrying cargo and/or people.

Added to that is the Falco eMotors 500 watt motor and 36V 11.6 ah lithium ion battery.  The Falco kit is pretty high tech with a 5 phase motor, wireless display, and the ability to fine tune the kits performance with computer software (wirelessly).

In this first part of the review there are a BUNCH of detailed pictures and specifications to get you familiar with this versatile electric cargo bike. [Read more…]

E-Bike News: ShareRoller Portable Kit, Ford E-Bike, Kia E-Bikes, Leaos Carbon, & More! [VIDEOS]

ShareRoller is a portable friction drive electric bike kit that can be quickly added or [Read more…]

The Electric Bike Scene at Interbike 2013 – Part 2: Cargo and Kits [VIDEOS]

Time for more Interbike (largest bicycle tradeshow in the US) coverage of electric bikes!

This part of the coverage has a lot of focus on the electric cargo bike scene at Interbike.  There are videos from Xtracycle (including an award from Outside Magazine), Yuba Bicycles, Juiced Riders, and NTS Works.

Also in the mix are videos on the latest from BionX (D Series motor) and Falco E-Motors electric bike kits. [Read more…]

Falco eMotors Announces 5 Year Warranty on its Entire Range of Electric Bike Motors

This is a press release from Falco eMotors.

Falco eMotors, a leading North American manufacturer and a pioneer of electric bike hub motors and propulsion systems, announced the industry’s longest and most comprehensive warranty on its full range of motors today.

Falco has led the industry with many “FIRSTS”, including; [Read more…]

E-Bike News! Captain Kirk, 80 mph E-Bike?, Carbon E-Bike, Wireless Display

Captain Kirk rides a Pedego electric bike!  William Shatner and his wife Elizabeth recently bought their bikes at Metropolis Bikes in North Hollywood.

The LEAOS electric bike hides the motor, battery, controller, chain all within it’s carbon fiber frame!

Mashable did a nice feature on the stylish and simple Faraday Porteur.  The Porteur is a clean design because it hides the batteries in the top tube and [Read more…]

Falco eMotors begins North American sales with 2013 models of eBike Propulsion Systems at Interbike

Falco e-Motors launches in the US market at the 2012 Interbike show.

This is a press release from Falco e-Motors.

Falco e-Motors begins North American sales with 2013 models of Hx motor, Hxd console and Hxb Li-Ion battery pack, a revolutionary eBike propulsion technology at Interbike this year .

Falco’s advanced systems are powerful, ultra-fast, and feather-light and embody simplicity for any bike enthusiast.

Falco’s eBike systems have features such as precise power and torque control; on-board data storage; PC diagnostic interface; [Read more…]