eBike News: Futuristic eRoad, Solar Charging, FS+ eMTB, New All-In-One Wheel, & More [VIDEOS]

Diavelo VirtualeIn this week’s eBike news round up: 

  • Futuristic Diavelo Virtuale electric road bike
  • Pininfarina Evoluzione in aluminium frame
  • Fantic XF1 Casa Plus size full suspension eMTB
  • Solar charging stations for eBike share system
  • San Francisco Electric Bike Expo Mar. 24-26
  • New all-in-one front wheel
  • Street legal Stealth eBike with huge battery
  • And much more!

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eBike News: Santa Monica Expo, Delivery eBikes, Winter Gear, Battery Standards & More [VIDEOS]

ebikes-4-deliverySanta Monica eBike Expo

The Electric Bike Expo will be in Santa Monica, California on December 2-4 and this is a great way to test ride the latest electric bikes on the test track that features a hill structure and other terrain features.

The Expo is free and open to everyone and you can enter to win a $4,000 Tempo electric bike! [Read more…]

E-Bike News: Flying E-Bike, Tour of Iceland, UMass Police, & More! [VIDEOS]

Yes that’s right, a flying electric bike!  I wouldn’t mind taking it for a ride.  Maybe this traditional 2 wheeled bike thing is outdated; maybe we should be focusing on flying. Kidding, kidding 🙂  More info.

A tour of Iceland on eFlow electric bikes; does that get your attention?   [Read more…]

E-Bike News: Portable Solar Charger, New Stealth E-Bikes, NYC Ban, & More [VIDEO]

Checkout this portable solar charging solution from EcoSpeed!  It can plug directly into their batteries with a custom converter.

The panels are not cheap but it is exciting to think about the possibility of solar charging while out and about.  It could add a new dimension to e-bike touring.

May is national bike month in the US. KTLA in Los Angeles had this video coverage of e-bikes with Ethan from the IZIP Store in Santa Monica. There is a woman in the video who sold her car and now uses an e-bike instead 🙂 [Read more…]

Freestyle Motocross Rider Ronnie Renner Rides a Stealth Electric Bike! [VIDEO]

Ronnie Renner riding his Stealth electric bike.  Photo courtesy of Stealth Electric Bikes.

Ronnie Renner riding his Stealth electric bike. Photo courtesy of Stealth Electric Bikes.

Ronnie Renner knows how to handle a bike with a lot of power!  He is a world record setting freestyle motocross rider for Red Bull.

And as a break from the ” daily grind” of riding his moto, he jumps on his Stealth Bomber electric mountain bike.

Actually the Stealth electric bikes are more like lightweight electric off road motorcycles.  Most of their bikes have [Read more…]

The Electric Bike Scene at Interbike 2012 – Part 2

Time for more electric bike pictures and videos from Interbike 2012!  Make sure to check out Part 1.

Let’s start this part off with the electric mountain bike scene.

E-mountain bikes are a growing niche in the electric bike world and they allow more riders to experience rides that they may not be able to do on their own.

Ego Kits is an electric bike kit that [Read more…]

Electric Bike News Week of 2-21-10

$5 a Gallon Gas Predicted for US this Summer.

Hello and welcome to another electric bike news recap from the week of February 21, 2011.  Lots of cool e-bike news in store for ya!  Videos from the beaches to the -40C lands, the new electric mountain bike scene, an e-bike love story and more!

And now some Electric Bike NEWS!

$5 a gallon gas prices in the US by summer?  Maybe time for more people on electric bikes 🙂 [Read more…]

Electric Mountain Bikes Guide

Stealth Electric Mountain Bike

One of the new trends in electric bikes is the electric mountain bike or electric conversion kit for mountain bikes.  An electric mountain bike may sounds strange at first, but it does have it’s place.

I am putting together this guide to give you an idea of what electric mountain bikes and kits are available.  First of all let me give you an idea of why they even exist.

Downhill mountain bikes have always been hard to pedal up hills because [Read more…]

Electric Mountain Bikes – The Future of Freeride & Downhill Mountain Bikes?

There is something new on the horizon for downhill and Freeride mountain bikes: electric motors! Typically recreational downhillers shuttle their heavy bikes up the hill in a truck and enjoy the gravity ride down. Now with an electric assist they can reasonable pedal these typically inefficient bikes up the hill without having to use 2 vehicles to shuttle them.

This bike setup will not work for typical downhill and freeride competitions, but maybe it will open up a [Read more…]