eBike Year in the Rearview Mirror: 2016 eBike Trends & Highlights [VIDEOS]

trek-super_commuterAs 2016 disappears from view and e-bike manufacturers look to what 2017 will bring, ElectricBikeReport.com outlines what it sees as the main trends that emerged in e-bike design over the last 12 months and of course the highlights. 


Whilst its been known for some time that countries like the Netherlands and Germany are leading the e-bike charge in the western world (in terms of sales numbers anyway) 2016 seems to be the year when other countries long languishing in the doldrums really began to catch up – the US and the UK in particular.

E-bikes also made it big in mainstream media too, from the mainstream cycling press to ABC and [Read more…]

Lightweight Velocité”Maglev” Hidden Motor Electric Bike

Lightweight velocite maglev electric bike

Is this an electric bike?

Imagine that instead of adding a motor to a bicycle, parts of the bicycle are designed to function as the motor.

In this case the wheel rim contains the motor magnets and the frame houses the inductive coils. The inductive coils use energy from the battery (hidden in the frame downtube) to repel the magnets on the rim to make the wheel spin.

Lightweight calls this “Maglev Transrapid technology” and they claim that this Velocité eBike can go up to 100 kph (62 mph) with its 500 watts of power! [Read more…]

The Lightweight Prodeco Titanio (Titanium) Electric Mountain Bike!

Okay, a titanium electric mountain bike that weighs 29.5 lbs; that is interesting!

Prodeco recently launched their flagship Titanio series of e-mountain bikes.  Their 26″ wheel Titanio weighs 29.5 lbs. and their 29″ wheel version (29er) weighs 31.8 lbs.

Based on the component spec, the Titanio looks like it will actually be trail worthy for many miles of riding.  Some bikes try [Read more…]