Electric Bike News Week of 1-24-11

Smart eBike at Detroit Auto Show

The last week of January!  I am glad the days are getting longer and temps are getting a little warmer.

Here is an electric bike news recap from the week of January 24, 2011.  These are somethings that caught my eye and some things happening at Electric Bike Report.

Electric bike news!

Check out the Batibike Micro which might be the smallest and lightest electric bicycle in the world.  Good for taking on mass-transit or on the plane.

Alistair McHardy started Atmosphere Electric Bikes in Bristol because “I started thinking that there had to be a better way to get around Bristol.”

Check out these “teaser” pics of the Ohm XS 750 sport electric bike that I am currently testing for a review.

The NuVinci N360 continuously variable planetary transmission for bicycles has been approved for use with electric bikes.

Ahhhh, the Smart eBike!  This thing is cool looking!  It was recently shown at the Detroit Auto Show.

Interesting debate going on in Johns Creek, Georgia about whether electric bikes and charging stations should be included in the budget for new sidewalks.

NYPD to crack down on bicyclists breakin the law!

Italy’s first car-free day to reduce pollution => electric bikes ok!

This is my interview with Brett from the New Wheel in San Francisco California about his “mobile” electric bike shop.

Traditional bicycle sales in 2010 were down in the Netherlands, BUT electric bike sales were up 🙂

The PiCycle has a theft-recovery system that can update it’s location on your smartphone.  Take that bike theives!

Stromer electric bikes are now being sold in the United States.  I saw these bikes at Interbike (largest bicycle convention in the US) last year and they look interesting because the battery is stored in the downtube of the frame.

Here are a couple pics of the new Cosworth/Storck electric bike.  Fancy!

New business using tuk-tuk style electric trikes for a new way to get people around East Lansing, Michigan.

Uh oh!  People hacking electric bikes to go above the legal limit for an electric bicycle?  Sounds like trouble……….

Here is an article that covers a lot of the points of why e-bikes are great and why it is a good time for stores to invest in electric bikes.

This is a story about a new electric bike store in the UK called “Cycling Made Easy“.  Cool story about how two guys got their inspiration to dive into the electric bike market.

Some of the current bicycle laws are a little outdated and there are some loopholes that are causing problems with e-bikes being used on sidewalks.

Wow, there is a lot going on in the electric bike world!

Please let us know if you have some electric bike news by leaving a comment below.



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