Kick Gas: A Film of a Cross Country Electric Vehicle Adventure! [VIDEO]

What a great name; Kick Gas!  It fits the theme of this electric vehicle adventure film (adventumentary) very well.  Enjoy the trailer of this film:

Last year the Ride the Future Tour traveled from Charleston, South Carolina to Google headquarters in Mountain View, California to promote the use of EV’s.

They had an electric car, electric motorcycle, electric scooters, and electric bikes (A2B).

I had the chance to join the crew on their trip segment from Flagstaff, Arizona to the Grand Canyon.  It was a lot of fun to ride with them on an A2B electric bike to this monumental place.  In the film you will see me talking about my passion for e-bikes and get a glimpse of our ride towards the Grand Canyon.

During that trip I also got to spend some time with the guys behind the film.  Jonathan Becker did a great job of directing the film and he captured the reality of the tour very well.

The film covers the adventures of the tour and the people they met along the way.  It is fun to see local people’s reaction to the electric vehicles as the tour passed through towns across the US.

The tour had its fair share of exciting and difficult times, which makes for a true adventure!

Overall, it is great to see a film about this tour because it can continue to spread the word about electric vehicles as a more sustainable form of transportation.

I encourage you to watch the film ($10) and share the story of the Ride the Future Tour with your friends.



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