Rad Power Bikes RadRunner 2 Review 2022

It’s the second edition of the original jack-of-all-trades electric bike; the e-bike Electric Bike Report recommends for anyone who knows they want an e-bike, but don’t quite know what they’re going to do with it yet.

In this Rad Power Bikes RadRunner 2 review, we spend some time on the newest iteration of Rad Power Bikes’ über popular electric utility bike to see how it stacks up in the real world.

Whether you’re here for its funky looks, its 330 different accessory combinations or because you like the fact that this relatively small bike can carry a lot of people and things, there’s usually something about the RadRunner that draws people in..

Compared to the original RadRunner, this second version sports some very small tweaks designed to improve comfort and handling. But for the die-hard fans of the original e-bike (trust us, there’s lots of them), fear not: Those small changes simply improve on the RadRunner’s already very good ride quality.

Our testing has shown the RadRunner 2 is just as good, just as fun and just as capable as its predecessor.

Right now Rad Power Bikes is offering $100 off all e-bikes (excluding the RadExpand 5) from 5/12 – 5/24/2022 when you use the promo code: OurBike. Click the button below to redeem the offer.

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Blix Ultra Review 2022: First impressions of Blix’s first fat bike

Fat tire e-bikes have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. The landscape is full of contenders hoping to entice buyers with unique looks and features. On Tuesday another aspiring challenger to be king of the fat bike mountain just entered the fray; say hello to the all-new Blix Ultra fat tire electric bike.

Blix CEO Pontus Malmberg spoke about the utility of the company’s latest e-bike saying, “the Ultra concept was to design an all-terrain e-bike that is practical enough to fit into your day, furthering our mission to integrate health and activity into everyday life. This is the most capable and versatile e-bike we’ve built, and it will bring a lot of value and differentiation to the table.”

The Blix Ultra has an MSRP of $1,999 and has notable features we’ve appreciated on previous Blix e-bikes we’ve reviewed while keeping things fresh by debuting all-new features too. The Ultra comes in three colors (Slate Gray, Sage Green, and White), offers an upgraded dual battery option, and more accessory combinations than you can shake a stick at. The new additions found on Blix’s latest e-bike include a simple but sleek-looking display and the Bluetooth Blix Connect app that boasts over-the-air firmware updates and enhanced ride data.

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Ebike News: Innovative E-bikes from OKAI and Mokumono and Much More!

okai stride side look

E-bike designs tend to conform to certain conventions as certain firms like Bosch and Bafang have become highly skilled at what they do and produce excellent products that have become very widely used throughout the industry. Add to this the fact that most e-bike frames are built in Taiwan and you begin to see why the e-bike industry could be accused of not being daring enough in terms of new tech and new business models. After all, many of today’s e-bikes are superb products, and as the saying goes ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.’

So it’s refreshing to see the likes of OKAI and Mokumono aiming to break the mould of what’s expected from an e-bike in the wider sense. OKAI are experts at producing very simple, rugged e-bikes for large micro-mobility clients but now have their own model. Details released so far suggest it will be as similarly rugged as its fleet e-bikes, if a little more elegant looking and will have a level of connectivity not found on may e-bikes at its $1599 price point. Even more radical is Dutch Mokumono, relying to a very large degree on domestic suppliers and offering unsurpassed back up over time in terms of spares availability – e-bikes have pretty good green credentials but Mokumono is clearly aiming for an impeccable reputation on sustainability.

In this week’s e-bike news:

  • OKAI Stride – a 28mph connected e-bike for $1599
  • Decathlon launches keenly-priced e-cargo longtail
  • Mokumono Polder – a totally different approach to manufacture and aftercare
  • Lightweight e-bikes come to the fore
  • Fiido X recall
  • UK court prosecutes seller of 70mph capable e-bikes
  • Bosch’s first update for its Smart system
  • Rad Power Bikes looking to shift from mobile service to bricks and mortar

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Surface604 Shred Review – 2022

Electric mountain bikes are not known for being inexpensive, and there’s a lot of reason for this: Building an eMTB that isn’t just fun on trail, but is durable enough to withstand the repeated impact and rigor off-road riding entails is difficult. It requires lots of engineering and careful parts choices; which requires a lot of investment from the brand; which, in turn, means consumers should expect a larger price tag for a capable eMTB.

But as technology and eMTBs have aged and advanced, the price tag for quality appears to be slowly inching down. Brands have become more innovative and cost effective in how they design eMTBs, which is good for those of us who don’t want to shell out $4,000 or more just to get on a trail.

In this Surface604 Shred review, we take a deep dive into one such eMTB that’s pushing the envelope of low cost and off-road performance.

With a MSRP starting several hundred less than $3,000, the Shred is a (compared to mainstream eMTBs) very affordable option that takes the frugal rider’s approach to a trail-capable eMTB. In this review, we dive into the bike’s spec sheet and parse out how Surface604 made some careful component selections and utilized a torque-activated hub motor to keep costs down while still keeping an eye on performance.

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Lectric XP Lite Review 2022: First impressions of Lectric’s ultra-affordable 46 lb folder

Affordable electric bike brand Lectric launched a new bike on Tuesday that’s physically lighter, lighter on cost and a little lighter on features than any other bike they’ve ever made.

The 46 lb Lectric XP Lite, according to the company, promises to be the “most accessible model to date” from the Phoenix-based brand. At a starting MSRP of $899.00 (currently discounted to $799.00), the Lite is the second e-bike in Lectric’s lineup behind the XP 2.0.

There are several differences between the two models, including price, motor size and several key component choices that help limit the Lite’s weight and cost to the end-consumer. We don’t currently have the new Lectric XP Lite for a full review, but by looks alone, it appears Lectric has retained much of the original XP’s shape in the new Lite.

Lectric XP side

With the new bike came new colors, including this nice khaki look.

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Spoke Safety: a Technology That Will Make Streets Safer—for Everyone

The Sea Otter Classic is the largest cycling event in the world and aside from all the athletes who hope to stand on the podium, or just to finish, roughly 350 bike companies from around the world display their products in the expo area for riders to check out. Everyone present wants to convince attendees that their product will change the rider’s life for the better. Very few products can live up to such a claim, but this past weekend Electric Bike Report saw something that exceeds its hype.

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Bosch releases first Smart System update, debuts new SmartphoneGrip

Last August Bosch launched the Smart System, a family of electric bike drive components and a new app poised to be the German motor maker’s launchpad towards a more connected e-bike future.

Aside from some new hardware (namely a larger battery), the most notable “smart” feature launched with the new Smart System was its ability to do over-the-air updates, allowing riders to update their bike’s software through the freshly released Bosch eBike Flow app.

Bosch today pushed the first update out to its ridership, marking the first time Bosch users will be able to utilize one of the most touted features of the new system.

Bosch smartphone grip

The new smartphone grip mounts in place of the Kiox display.

Alongside the update, Bosch released the new SmartphoneGrip that, with some new additions to the eBike Flow app, turn your smartphone into a handlebar-mounted heads-up display that tracks your metrics and can help navigate.

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