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European Electric Bike Tour: Venice, The Romantic Road, & The River Main – Part 3

In this installment of Grant Walter’s European electric bike adventures he reports on traveling to Venice, riding the ‘Romantic Road’, and enjoying his time on the River Main cycle path in Germany. After 3,001 km (1,864 miles) of e-bike touring, Grant gives his report on the Riese & Müller electric bike that he is riding.

50 Stolen Bikes Recovered Thanks to Stromer ST2 Electric Bike GPS & App!

Technology to the rescue! Discovering that your prized electric bike has been stolen sucks, but in this day and age, technology can help you recover it. That is just what happened when Frédéric Marchand realized that his high tech Stromer ST2 had been stolen. Not only did he get his bike back, but 50 other stolen bikes were recovered thanks to the ST2′s built in GPS and the Stromer Smartphone Geolocator app!

Felt Launches New Electric Bikes with Bosch E-Bike System in USA [VIDEOS]

Felt Electric has just launched 4 new electric bikes with the Bosch mid drive system in the US market! The US Felt line up is: the LEBOWSKe “fat” electric bike with 4″wide tires, the DUALe full suspension 27.5″ wheel e-mtb, the NINEe 29er hardtail e-mtb, and the SPORTe commuter style e-bike.

Bosch Introduces Nyon Display, Integrated Shifting, & USA Bosch E-Bikes [VIDEOS]

Bosch eBike Systems has made a serious presence in the European electric bike scene and now they are focusing on the US e-bike market for 2014. In addition they are introducing some new high tech features to their mid drive systems! Here is a video that will give you an idea of what the Bosch e-bike systems are like and some background on the company, including the manufacturing of their components.

E-Bike News: New Bosch Tech, Grace, ProdecoTech, E-Bike Touring, E-Mtn Bikes, Harley Davidson?! [VIDEOS]

Grace e-bikes at Interbike, new Bosch control unit & NuVinci, SRAM, Shimano shifting integration, ProdecoTech’s new Scorpion, Continental’s mid drive, Haibike ski jump video, the Rise of the E-Bike, European e-bike tour, Madrid e-bike share, popular mountain bike magazines comment on e-mtb’s, and an electric Harley?!

European Electric Bike Tour: The Perks of Riding an E-Bike – Part 2

Grant Walter has found that interest in his electric bike has been helpful in tough situations along his tour of Europe. In this part of his report you will learn about his e-bike touring experiences in Croatia and Slovenia; steep hills, good food and good wine!

Interview with Faraday Bicycles CEO, Adam Vollmer [VIDEO]

In this interview with Adam Vollmer you will learn about his design inspiration for the classically styled Faraday Porteur electric bike, the Kickstarter experience, improvements to the Porteur, Porteur rider “success” stories, new Faraday e-bikes, and other exciting Faraday news!

Replacement Electric Bike Batteries Guide

Eventually electric bike batteries need to be replaced as their lifecycle comes to an end. You can tell when a battery is nearing the end of its life when it does not provide you with much range. This guide will help you with ideas on how to get a replacement electric bike battery.

“Down Goes the Bike Thief!” Bait Bikes with GPS Trackers & Mug Shots on Twitter [VIDEO]

Bike thieves in San Francisco better watch out! The San Francisco Police Department is placing “bait bikes” around the city with GPS trackers. If one of the “bait bikes” is stolen they will track down the thief, bust them, and post the thief’s mug shot on their Twitter news stream and website for a bit of public humiliation! You have to watch this video from The New York times, it is brilliant. Checkout how quickly they catch a thief!

European Electric Bike Tour: Not All Who Wander Are Lost – Part 1

Grant Walter shares his electric bike touring experience from the road! So far Grant has ridden in Stuggart, Paris, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Budapest and Zagreb. Grant is riding the Riese & Muller, blueLABEL Charger with Bosch, NuVinci, and Gates belt drive set up.

Visiobike: Pushing The High Tech Electric Bike Boundary! [VIDEO]

The Visiobike e-bike is high tech. Here’s why: Google Glass integration, serious smartphone integration, rear view camera, carbon fiber frame, integrated Panasonic lithium battery in the frame, MPF mid drive motor, auto shifting NuVinci Harmony continuously variable hub, Gates belt drive, & more!

The USA Electric Bike Market Numbers

Edward Benjamin from eCycleElectric provides market data for the number of electric bikes sold in the US in 2013 and his predictions for the future of the e-bike industry in the US.

Electric Bike Riding Safety Tips

In this guide you will learn about selecting the right gear, selecting the safest route, watching out for others, and how to handle rough roads. Make sure your next ride is a safe one!