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Dutch Solar Cycle Electric Bike: Never Plug In?!

What if you never had to plug in your electric bike for a charge? It looks like that could be a reality in the near future.  The Dutch Solar Cycle is a new “S-Bike” that has solar panels built into both wheels to charge the e-bike battery. An electric bike is a lightweight electric vehicle […]

InterLock Seatpost & “Hidden” Lock Review [VIDEO & PICS]

Sometimes remembering to bring your bike lock is a pain, and that is where the InterLock comes in. The Interlock is a very convenient lock because it is “hiding” in your seatpost and it is always on your bike. I am a fan of making the bike convenient and easy to use for everyday riding to work, errands, and cruising downtown. The more convenient it is to simply grab your bike and go, the better. I look forward to the day when are bikes are “turn key” like a car. They will be easy to ride (electric assist) and they will have all the convenient accessories to make riding your bike to work an easy choice. The InterLock is one of those accessories that gets us closer to that fully equipped “turn key” bike.

Biktrix Juggernaut Fat Electric Bike with Mid Drive [VIDEO & PICS]

The Juggernaut is a new economical fat mid drive e-bike that has just launched on Kickstarter for an introductory price of $1,499! In case you are new to fat e-bikes they have 4” wide tires for riding over almost any terrain: sand, snow, rough, roads, etc. With the wide tires you can run extremely low tire pressures (5 to 35 psi) to contour over rough terrain and use the high volume tires as suspension. The new Juggernaut uses the Bafang mid drive system with a 48V 11.6ah lithium battery and a 500 watt mid drive motor.

E-Bike News: Solar E-Bike, Hover Board, New Mid Drive, 2 Seat E-Trike, & More [VIDEOS & PICS]

Time for another e-bike news round up! What if you never had to plug in to charge your electric bike? For some that could be a reality with The Dutch Solar Cycle. It has solar panels built into the wheels so that it is always charging; even on cloudy days and when the panels are dirty. They claim that on a sunny day the battery can be fully charged in 4 to 6 hours. Mid drive electric bike systems are popular on a lot of bikes but most of them require a special frame mount at the bottom bracket area. Novatec has just announced a new mid drive motor that fits a traditional bottom bracket with the motor on the non-drive crank side. Their focus is to allow bike designers more freedom, especially with a full suspension frame.

2015 Polaris Electric Bikes [VIDEO & PICS]

Polaris is bringing a new line up of e-bikes to the US market for 2015. Some of the notable bikes are the Diesel DL818 with the wild “titanium oxide” color scheme and 2 new fat e-bikes: the Sabre EV505 and the Nordic EV 506. For 2015 Polaris has also made some significant changes to their electric assist system. Their lithium batteries are housed in the large toptube/downtube of the frame. Their pedal assist system reads your pedaling cadence and power output along with what gear you are in and blends that together to provide you with the proportional level of assist.

The Luxurious Pininfarina Fuoriserie Electric Bike: $11k! [VIDEO & PICS]

Are you looking for a luxurious e-bike to show off to your friends? Then checkout the Fuoriserie by Pininfarina; an Italian company that has designed Ferrari’s, Maserati’s and other luxurious automobiles. With that in mind it shouldn’t be a surprise when you hear that the Pininfarina Fuoriserie electric bike is priced at $11,300! Pininfarina worked with 43 Milano to create this elegant e-bike that uses the Zehus Bike+ all-in-one e-bike system.

Futuristic BESV Lion LX1 & Panther PS1 Electric Bikes [VIDEO & PICS]

BESV is an electric bike brand jumping into the US market with their futuristic looking e-bikes. Their sporty looking Lion LX1 has a unique look with curved tubing and some missing frame tubes?! Their Panther PS1 is a carbon fiber full suspension urban commuter with 20″ wheels. These BESV e-bikes feature 3 levels of torque sensing pedal assist in addition to their Smart Mode that “automatically adjust power levels so that you always stay in the comfort zone”. The following pictures are from the presentation of their bikes at Interbike, the largest bike show in the US.

2015 e-Joe Electric Bikes: Koda, Anggun, Epik SE & Lite [VIDEO & PICS]

e-Joe Electric Bikes is all about “making practical, affordable, high-quality electric bike for nearly everyone….an ebike for the average Joe” For 2015 they are introducing the new Koda that is a sporty commuter style e-bike with the battery integrated into the downtube of the frame. Their Anggun step thru commuter with a large 36V 16ah lithium battery has been updated to offer a few new features. e-Joe is also know for their EPIK SE & Lite economical folding electric bikes with the batteries integrated into the main frame tube.

Xtracycle Edgerunner 10E Bosch Electric Cargo Bike [VIDEO & PICS]

For 2015 Xtracycle has joined forces with Bosch to bring their Edgerunner to market with the Bosch Performance Line mid drive system. The new 10E will feature the Bosch 350 watt mid drive system with a 36V 11ah lithium battery and that will enable riders to do more with their bike. Xtracycle’s message is “Ride bikes. Carry Stuff” and the new 10E definitely embodies that! In addition to being utilitarian, the folks at Xtracycle also know how to have fun. At Interbike they had The Bean Machine, a coffee shop set up on a 10E and for the end of the day they had the beer bike with a keg of New Belgium beer on a traditional Edgerunner.

2015 Felt Electric Bikes: Outfitter, Bruhaul & More! [PICS]

Felt Electric has launched some exciting new e-bikes to their line up for 2015. The new Outfitter camouflage fat e-bike with optional trailer is ready for camping/hunting trips. Then the new Bruhaul electric cargo bike is ready to be your car alternative or replacement…. The Outfitter and Bruhaul are the 2 new bikes to their existing line up of the Bosch powered e-bikes: the fat tire LEBOWSKe, the full suspension DUALe, 29er hardtail NINEe, and the commuter/touring SPORTe.

E-Bike News: 6,000 Mile E-Bike Trip, New E-Bikes, Rim Motor, New Mid Drive, & More! [VIDEOS & PICS]

It’s time for an electric bike news round up! How about a 6,000 mile electric bike trip to break the Guinness Record for longest e-bike trip? And try doing that with your family! Tomas Cortijo and Dylan Drake and their kids are currently on an e-bike tour from Montana to Maine and then down to Florida. Here is a news story about them and more info on their Kickstarter page.

Not an E-Bike. Toyota i-ROAD Fully Enclosed Electric Trike [VIDEOS]

Disclaimer: The Toyota i-ROAD is not an electric bike and it does not have a pedal power option. So why am I talking about it on Electric Bike Report? Because it is a small electric vehicle that could be a good transportation solution for those who are also interested in electric bikes. The i-ROAD combines a the conveniences of a car with the advantages of a bike/trike.

No Chain?! Mando Footloose IM Series Hybrid Electric Bike [VIDEO & PICS]

No Chain?! The Mando Footloose is an electric bike without a chain or belt or any other way for the cranks to directly power the rear wheel. When you turn the pedals electricity is generated and added to the battery which then powers the rear hub motor. The Mando Footloose is a series hybrid electric bike. Mando recently introduced the new Footloose IM that is similar to the original Footloose but it doesn’t fold and there are some other feature differences.