New California Law Brings Clarity to Electric Bike Regulations

New California electric bike lawCalifornia Governor Jerry Brown has signed into law a bill that clarifies electric bike regulations and creates a model that other states could follow throughout the U.S.

Current electric bike laws in the U.S. can be confusing on a state by state basis.

This new California law clarifies that electric bikes will follow similar rules to a conventional bicycle. [Read more…]

Enter to Win a Bosch Powered Electric Bike!

Bosch small adBosch wants to hear from you and in return you could be the lucky winner of a Bosch powered electric bike worth up to $4,000!

By completing an online survey you will be entered to win an electric bike from one of the bike brands that features the Bosch mid drive system.

The survey has questions to help Bosch better understand electric bike consumers in the U.S. market.

I took the survey myself and it was nice to provide my personal preferences for new e-bike features. [Read more…]

Interbike E-Bike Report: Tempo, Faraday, Spir, Virtue, Cobi, Surface 604, & More! [VIDEOS]


The new Tempo Santa Barbara step thru.

In this continuation of coverage of the electric bike scene from Interbike we will take a look at some of the new bikes and tech from Tempo, Faraday, Spir, Virtue, Cobi, NYX, Surface 604, M1 Sportechnik, Scott, Karmic, Ripple, e-Joe, Dahon, and eProdigy.

Make sure you checkout the first part of e-bike Interbike coverage with videos of the new indoor test track, ProdecoTech, Raleigh, IZIP, Easy Motion, Juiced Riders, Blix & Wallerang, Magnum, and Haibike.

And the second part of coverage with videos from [Read more…]

Interbike E-Bike Report: Stromer, Bosch, A2B, BESV, Yuba, Xtracycle & More! [VIDEOS]


The new Stromer ST2S was introduced while the ST2 won the Interbike e-bike of the year.

In this continuation of coverage from Interbike we have electric bike video updates from Stromer, Bosch, A2B, BESV, OHM Cycles, Yuba, Gocycle, Xtracycle, KTM, and Vintage!

Make sure you checkout the first part of e-bike Interbike coverage with videos of the new indoor test track, ProdecoTech, Raleigh, IZIP, Easy Motion, Juiced Riders, Blix & Wallerang, Magnum, and Haibike.

Enjoy the following e-bike video updates from the show! [Read more…]

Interbike 2015 E-Bike Report: Test Track & Economical E-Bikes [VIDEOS]

IMG_4313Interbike 2015 was an exciting show for the electric bike scene!

Interbike is the largest bicycle trade show in the Americas and it was held at the Mandalay Bay convention center September 16-18.

At the show there was the solid core brands of e-bikes on hand along with a new batch of e-bike brands and component companies.

Some of the highlights of the show were: the new indoor test track, a number of quality electric bikes under $2,000, a wide variety of drive systems, and [Read more…]

Kalkhoff, Focus, & Gazelle Join the Electric Bike Expo Events

kalkhoff tasman classic

Kalkhoff, Focus, and Gazelle electric bikes will be available for test ride at the Electric Bike Expo test track events that start in January 2016.

These are brands with a long history in the European bicycle market and each brand has a group of unique electric bike styles that will bring a good variety of e-bikes to the Expo test ride events.

I had a chance to interview Taylor Cain (marketing manager for all 3 brands) about [Read more…]

BESV to Offer New E-Bikes for Test Ride at Electric Bike Expo Events

BESV LX1 electric bikeBESV Electric Bikes made a splash in the U.S. market last year with the debut of their futuristic looking e-bikes with high tech features.

BESV is a division of Darfon Electronics Corporation, a large company involved in solar, power & energy devices, and they are a major manufacturer of computer keyboards.

BESV recently joined the Electric Bike Expo test track events to offer test rides of their electric bike line up that includes 2 new models. [Read more…]

E-Bike Report From Eurobike: New Tech & New Batteries

IMG_3662It’s time for the e-bike technology update from Eurobike 2015!

Some of the new e-bike technology at Eurobike was injection molded frames for quick production, EnergyTube modular battery solutions, a hub motor with built in automatic transmission, an autonomous electric trike prototype, and more.

Battery cell energy density improvements from Samsung and LG were also a highlight of the show. These battery cell improvements being driven by the auto industry could have a big impact on e-bikes. [Read more…]

Stromer To Demo New E-Bikes at Electric Bike Expo Test Track Events

IMG_3845Stromer has joined the Electric Bike Expo test track event series for 2016 and they will have some new e-bike models available for test ride!

Stromer just announced their new ST1 T & S models and the new ST2S model at Eurobike in Friedrichshafen Germany.

I had a chance to catch up with Scott Anderson (head of marketing in the U.S.) about the latest at Stromer. [Read more…]

E-Bike Report from Eurobike: Cargo, All Wheel Drive, & Mid Drives

IMG_3945In this second installment of Eurobike coverage we will take a look at the e-cargo bike trend, a few of the all wheel drive e-bikes, and the growing number of mid drive systems available in the European marketplace.

Make sure you checkout part 1 of Eurobike coverage with info on Smartphone integration, the Plus size electric mountain bikes, and a look at some of the clean looking commuter e-bikes at the show.

These reports are focused on presenting some of the trends that are happening in [Read more…]