The First Electric Bike Sharing Program in the US

Would you like to "borrow" an electric bike?

Imagine this: Instead of owning an electric bike you are able to “borrow” one for a while to run errands or just cruz around town.  After you are done using the bike you return it to an electric bike sharing station and you go on your way.

This idea is very similar to the Zip Car concept.  In fact there are a number of traditional bike sharing programs around the world, but now there is an electric bike sharing program being tested in the US at the University of Tennessee.

I am excited about this because it is being tested at a university campus (a great place for e-bikes) to determine the pros and cons of running an electric bike sharing program.  The use of electric bikes adds some complexity (battery charging) as well as some conveniences (e-bikes allow more people to ride bikes).

The combination of mass transit (bus, train, subway, etc.) with electric bike sharing stations at convenient locations could provide a nice alternative to driving a car.  This type of program could work well if you are visiting a city and need a way to get around quickly.

I am also excited to see something like this going on because it will give people a chance to experience how useful electric bikes can be in a real life situation instead of just a test ride around the block.

Bike sharing programs have had their challenges in the past with vandalism and theft but it looks like the University of Tennessee is aware of that and will work on solutions to these problems.

The electric bikes they are using are Izip’s from Currie Technologies and they will also be testing some traditional bicycles from Marin Bikes.

Check out the project’s website for more information on this exciting new program!

What do you think?  Do you think an electric bike sharing program could work in your city or town?  Would you like to have easy access to borrowing an electric bike for a while?

Please leave your comments or questions below.



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  1. Trek Navigator says

    Absolutely a Great idea to give the e bike exposure as a alternative to the metal box with 4 rubber wheels

  2. ThierryF says

    Hi Pete,
    Thank you for the news …
    Hope it will follow the usual bike sharing system succes who is installed in many big ciies in the world.
    There is few EBike sharing system like this one in Europe too.

  3. says

    Hi Pete,
    Check our website, we are a small Swiss Co specialized in E.Bike sharing. We have E-Bike sharing stations in Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Spain and Italy.

    It works and hence is a global innner city fast reliable and eco-friendly means of transportation.

    Do not hesitate to contact us, should you need any info.



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