Guide To Electric Recumbent Trikes [UPDATED]

Electric recumbent trikes are lightweight 3 wheeled pedal/electric vehicles that offer some car like features.

For instance, some of them have weather protection, cargo & passenger capacity, full suspension, comfortable seats, lights & mirrors, etc.

Some of these e-recumbent trikes are designed for everyday commuting around town and some of them “amplify” your pedal power up to highway speeds!

The following is a guide to complete e-recumbent trikes, ideas on adding electric assist to a recumbent trike, and a look at the future of e-trikes. [Read more…]

Review of the NuVinci N360 Hub on a Greenspeed Recumbent Trike with EcoSpeed Electric Bike Kit

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There are no good figures for the number of Americans who ride bicycles.  Back in 2007 the National Sporting Goods Association generated this factoid: [Read more…]