The NuVinci Shifting Experience: NO GEARS!? [Video]

The NuVinci N360 Hub on Electric Bike

Imagine you are riding your electric bike along and you hit a hill. Instead of shifting the gears on your bike you simple twist the grip shifter a little (like a volume dial on your stereo) to make climbing that hill a little easier and find that perfect gear ratio.  That is what the NuVinci drivetrain system is all about and more!

In this video I interviewed Chris from NuVinci about their “Continuously Variable” drivetrain to get an idea of what the advantages are over typical “geared” drivetrains and why the NuVinci is a good fit for e-bikes. Even the dogs (in the background) were excited about the NuVinci system on this e-bike 🙂

And now for the video!

Check out this post for more of an overview of the NuVinci “Continuously Variable” drivetrain.

You can download the video here or download the video to iTunes automatically and add the video to your mobile device.

What do you think?  Do you have any questions about the NuVinci system?  Have you ridden the NuVinci hub on an electric bike?

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  1. Anonymous says

    Thanks for the report. The video does conveniently fail to mention that the warranty only covers motors rated up to 250 watts.

  2. James Gorman says

    I think evelo offers this option. Very good system. The 250 watts, I understand, is very suitable for BB located motors. Also- I think the UK and/or EU limit ebikes to 250 watts, so a world standard of sorts is set at 250W. The sealed system is very needed if one rides every day, including winter salt and grit seasons. A gates belt drive would complete what I think is needed for year round use.

  3. Dennis Austin says

    Could someone provide a list of manufacturers offering products utilizing the NuVinci CVT automatic drivetrains that are available for purchase in the USA?


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