Patrick Brady

E-bike Writer & Reviewer

Patrick got his start as a bike reviewer back in the 1990s before e-bikes were a thing. In more than 30 years of writing about cycling, he has written about every angle of the sport—bike reviews, travel features, essays, race coverage, how-tos, personality profiles and more. His work has appeared everywhere from Bicycling Magazine to Mountain Flyer. He’s the former publisher of the cycling blog Red Kite Prayer and Asphalt Magazine. He served as chief judge for the North American Handmade Bicycle Show for seven years. On the weekends he helps coach his son’s mountain bike team and tries to remember not to catch air in front of impressionable kids.

Get to Know Patrick Brady


  • MFA University of Massachusetts, Amherst
  • BPS University of Memphis
  • SBCU graduate
  • Fit Kit Certified
  • Lowell Thomas Award for travel writing

Favorite Style of E-Bike

Mountain, Gravel and Road

Favorite E-Bikes Reviewed

Yuba Spicy Curry

Current Bikes You Ride/Own

Mark DiNucci custom gravel, Chris Bishop custom road, No. 22 Drifter custom gravel bike, Allied Cycle Works Echo gravel bike, Ibis Ripley mountain bike, Ibis Exie mountain bike, Co-Motion tandem, Yuba Spicy Curry, the one and only Brady custom cyclocross bike

Favorite New E-bike Tested

Globe Haul ST


Regular bikes, writing fiction, playing music (reformed rock drummer), wine tasting (Pinot Noir, anyone?)