Vintage E-Tracker: Retro Style with Today’s Tech [VIDEO & PICS]

vintage e-tracker electric bike bags

The Vintage E-Tracker may look retro but it has today’s technology to create a fashionable e-bike for fun and practical transportation.

The folks at Vintage have based the E-Tracker styling on the early 1900’s board track racing bikes.

To follow with that style they have incorporated the battery into a case that is reminiscent of a gas engine in the main triangle of the frame.  With today’s technology they claim that the large 52V 12.5ah lithium battery can be charged in 2 hours; that’s quick!

E-Trackers are available with a variety of customization options like color, assist (throttle or pedal assist), power, and accessories.  Some of the options add cost to the baseline price tag of $4,995.

There are 2 power options available for the E-Tracker. The street legal option that limits the power to 750 watts with a max speed of 20 mph.  Vintage also offers the Race mode that ups the power to 3,000 watts and speed up to 36 mph.  The Race mode is for off-road use only and it adds $99 to the base price.

Vintage states that they are focused on quality and that “the E-Tracker is built to stand the test of time”.  An example of that is their use of Brooks leather grips and saddle.  Those Brooks components add to the E-Tracker style and they are also know to stand the test of time; in fact they usually get better with age!

Here is a video to give you more of a background on Vintage from Santa Clara, California:

Now let’s take a look at a number of different E-Trackers from Vintage.

vintage e-tracker electric bike black orange

Even though they are the same bike, these E-Trackers have a significantly different look.

vintage e-tracker electric bike special edition

This is a special edition E-Tracker with off road tires and other customization.

vintage e-tracker electric bike grey

The Slate Grey color and off road tires.

vintage e-tracker electric bike bags

Here is the E-Tracker with the rear rack and double pannier bags.  Stylish!

vintage e-tracker electric bike picnic basket

The picnic basket looks like a great accessory option!

vintage e-tracker electric bike colors

Many color options.

vintage e-tracker electric bike color options

Many more color options!

vintage e-tracker electric bike battery

Here is closer look a the cast aluminum battery box with cooling fins.

vintage e-tracker electric bike side

Checkout the Vintage website for more about the E-Tracker and accessories.

That’s it for now.  Stay tuned for more e-bike news and reviews.


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  1. Ron Shook says

    Looks a lot like my first full sized bike as a kid. It could take on just about anything. It did, however, have a front fender. Why not here at the premium hand built prices? I agree that it probably “looks” better without one, but cool isn’t everything, particularly if it’s used as more than a adult toy.

  2. A says

    Nice looking bike but that’s about it. Way too bad the bike can’t be pedaled!! Just a motor bike so it shouldn’t be here on an ebike site. If they claim it can be pedaled then why the heck did the fancy video never once show pedals moving?!? Who ever rides an ebike with no pedaling at all?? Yes maybe about 1% of ebike riders do that because they have a disability.

    I guess you just sit dumb on it like in the video and ride to the gym so you can spin. Maybe their market is the crowd who doesn’t want any exercise. Weird that they would have a fake chain wheel, chain and rear cog–why not have real ones? Maybe the next upgrade version will have operational pedals.

  3. Jack Ferrell says

    I love the bike, but, I wish you had more of a beach cruiser stile, I don’t understand why they always make bikes with the small handle bars that you have to bend over to ride and the small seats I know it can’t be that comfortable. I want to be able when I stop to be able to put my feet to the ground with a flat foot, so, I won’t be falling over and trying to hold up the bike. I like the comfort of setting back with a comfortable seat and the handle bars more up right, so, I don’t have to bend over, I don’t get it, like the 10 speed bike, what a joke to seat on a bike like, we are a new generation and they keep making bikes like the old school, and how stupid for guys bikes and girl bikes, it should be turned around, they are slow going to the step through, they design and the girls bikes because girls wore skirts in those days, people are so stupid they can’t change, well I am I’m going to, I am getting a step through, I tested the Motiv and the Pedigo, the Pedigo sat up right too much and high seat to uncomfortable the Motive was perfect and I’m going with the step through it was so comfortable and cruise with comfort, I install my UEBoom speakers and my iPhone to the handle bars and have a great sound with comfort I like the basket in the Front so that I can remove and take to the beach.
    See Harley-Davidson had it right set back with flat feet when you stop and cruse who want’s to bend over to ride a bike in less they’re racing. I definitely don’t want to race and I want tires that are smooth not knobby bumpy tires how many times do they ride on the dirt anyway get real they think they’re going to have a volcano a need to take it off Road so they get trucks and Mountain bikes, they think it’s more durable and will be saved if they have an earthquake because they never take it off road a macho thing. I am getting the new Cadillac, because I like The quiet and smooth ride I know the low profile tires look cool but you can feel every pebble on the road they want to look cool BS, see how stupid people can be. I road from LAX to Orange county in my friends VET what a horrible ride but looks cool I couldn’t even sleep because of the roughness it’s so stupid, I think they want it to look cool for the tuna do something for your self guy’s they are always trying to impress the girls and make their life miserable.

  4. says

    I saw my first Vintage eBike yesterday saving the eBay campus in San Jose. It must have been an off-road model because it took off fast and I couldn’t catch up in traffic. Looks like a nice bike for those who want primarily throttle riding. Unfortunate with the current mood and misconceptions about eBikes in today’s market, it may tend to set back the surging eBike trend in the USA.

    • says

      I meant I say I saw the Vintage eBike while driving by the eBay campus not saving. I almost didn’t want to post my concerns as I appreciate all entries into the electric vehicle field and don’t like it when public oppinion driven by disinformation stymies creativity. Unfortunately, eBikes in the USA are in their infancy and laws are just starting to be demanded by many. We see some areas of the country where eBikes are encouraged and others where they are desparaged. The two areas of dispute have to do with eBikes on biking/hiking trails and eBikes on mountain bike trails. I believe most people that are against eBike usage on these trails have the impression that eBikes are just like scooters and mopeds. When they see a Vintage eBike or other throttle based, high speed eBike on the road, that oppinion is solidified. Don’t get me wrong, I think Vintage has a very interesting product and better yet – made in the USA. My concern is for the fragile state of eBike usage laws that will invaribly hit the books in the next few years. We need these laws to be based on a better understanding of what eBikes are and how legal eBikes are suitable for both street and trail usage.

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