VIDEO: A Southern California E-Biker Talks About Electric Bike Commuting

Calvin Phuong of Marina del Ray, California uses an electric bike for commuting and fun!

With gas prices on the rise and the summer months approaching, people are starting to look at electric bikes as a viable commuting alternative to driving a car.

This video caught my eye because Calvin Phuong of Marina del Ray, California decided to use an electric bike to replace some of the in town commuting he normally does with his truck.

Calvin says that the electric bike is a great way for him to commute around town without putting a lot of city miles on his truck.  City miles on a vehicle contribute to a lot of wear and tear.

He also talks about riding his electric bike for fun on the weekends with his wife and towing their child in a bike trailer.  This is a great point because an electric bike can be used for the commute as well as for enjoying a nice casual ride with family.  Electric bikes definitely help when towing a trailer!

And let’s not forget the exercise!  Calvin admits that sometimes he takes it easy and pedals lightly.  But it still beats sitting in a car!

Another advantage of bike commuting is enjoying the outdoors on your way to and from work.  It’s a nice way to start or end the work day.

Checkout the video below:

Here is the link to the full article Electric Bikes Tap into Southern California Market.

Are you considering an electric bike as a commuting vehicle, or are you already using an electric bike for your commute?  Please share your stories/thoughts in the comment section below.



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  1. bob shanbrom says

    I’ve been using a Giant LAFree Sport instead of a car for about 100 miles of commuting a week for about 6 years now. It’s a delightful part of my day, as I ride through croplands near the Central California coastline. With modest pedaling I average about 17mph into the wind and about 21 mph downwind, just about right. I recently had my sla battery pack filled with lithium cells. The new pack arrives today. The pack will save me 30 pounds of weight and recharge at the rate of about 7-10 miles worth of travel in one hour’s charging time, 24v X 4amp.
    Unfortunately, the bus system won’t allow electric bikes aboard the racks due to the danger from the batteries.

  2. Ken Sanders - Trek Navigator says

    Love the video . Just can’t sell that idea that e bikes are cheater bikes at all when you see the advantages of the use of a e bike . Going to take awhile to catch on but that why we are here

  3. says

    I like to say that I’m sometimes a pansy about when I use my pedal bike, but never a cheater when I use an electric-assist trailer. The electric aspect replaces my car, not my bike.

  4. Matt Taylor says

    Way to go Calvin! As Calvin has found a new love of biking, so have I. I got a 2011 IZIP Zuma at the end of last year, and I cant wait to get out and ride it every chance I get. I’m getting the 30 miles of charge plus more in pedal assist mode, and actually have yet to exhuast the battery completely. I’m in my 40’s but feel like a little kid again when I’m on this bike…its too darn fun!I still don’t have the heart to fly by the spandex crowd, but love to watch them look back at me as I pace them as they must be thinking…how the hell is this guy keeping up with me? Sometimes I’ll pass them on a hill, and as I go by with out breaking a sweat, I’ll say “Nice day for a ride huh?” Hee! hee!

  5. Craig Armstrong says

    That is a really good video. It’s an honest view from some guy. He wants bike path infrastructure improved as more people use the paths. That is a commendable idea and I’m for it! Unfortunately, California is in meltdown mode economically. Where will the money come from for better bike paths? Is there any organizations committed to this or groups advocating like the early days of automobiling (AAA)? How would this happen? Should California get it’s financial house in order? What happens if they go into default? Maybe they’ll close the freeways to save money and put it into bike paths! Be careful what you wish for;)

  6. says

    Calvin, where’s your helmet buddy? reflective vest and safety glasses? I’ve been commuting by eBike for 3 1/2 years. I will not travel without these, they are not that “cool”, but neither is getting run over. Also taking a bug or other small debris in the eye is a fail.

    After two accidents(car’s fault) I invested in a GoPro HD2 video camera that is mounted on top of my helmet, next time I might not be so lucky, it’s so at least my son may recieve some benefit, video is great in the courtroom.

    I’d like to shout out to Pat @ ! He’s the best.

  7. says

    Just ordered one hope its good value. It has gears but I don’t know how that works with an E bike! Its too far to travel to try the bike so fingers crossed. I have 7 miles to work but the last mile is really steep,tried the trip on my old bike and it was very difficult.

  8. says

    I ride a NuVinci equipped Kalkhoff to work daily in Santa Barbara- following 8 years buying and testing other bikes including TresTerra. Frankly, this bike takes the ebike commute to a new level for me. I can do the 10 miles to work, 20 miles round trip on a single charge- impressive given I am hauling 270lbs of me and gear each way on hilly terrain. Most important- I get to work in business clothes without sweating, and get my exercise on the way home with the software-enabled controls.

    I am a director at Fallbrook, the maker of NuVinci, but my enthusiasm for this product goes WAY beyond the investment. I think CVT equipped ebikes with mid motor designs are transformational.


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