Dutch Solar Cycle Electric Bike: Never Plug In?!

dutch solar electric bike frontWhat if you never had to plug in your electric bike for a charge?

It looks like that could be a reality in the near future.  The Dutch Solar Cycle is a new “S-Bike” that has solar panels built into both wheels to charge the e-bike battery.

An electric bike is a lightweight electric vehicle that does not require much energy to propel.  In addition, your pedal power helps to offset the energy required.  All of that leads to the reality of a solar powered electric bike, very cool!

Solar Application Lab is a company that has developed a new way to efficiently capture energy from a few solar cells with their [Read more…]

E-Bike News: Toyota E-Bike, New Factories, New Designs & Tech, E-Bike Book, Tours, & More!

Is Toyota getting into electric bikes?  Here is a concept e-bike from the large auto manufacturer.  It has a mid drive motor and the battery is housed in the mainframe.

This concept may never make it to production but Toyota is claiming that their new i-Road electric 3 wheeler will.  The i-Road is an interesting vehicle that blends some of the e-trike technology with car technology.

BMC recently opened their new Stromer electric bike assembly facility near Bern Switzerland.  They invested $8 million euro’s in [Read more…]

Czech Solar Team to Race 7,300 km on Solar Electric Trikes in The Sun Trip! [VIDEOS]

The Sun Trip: A bicycle, an electric motor, a battery, a solar panel and a world that can run differently.

On July 15th, 2013 an adventure ride of solar electric bikes called The Sun Trip will start from Chámbery, France and will finish after many weeks in Astana, Kazakhstan.  The purpose of the adventure is to let the world know about the new possibilities in solar electric bike/trike transportation.

The route is 7,300 km long with only one [Read more…]