Optibike SIMBB – The All in One Mid Drive Electric Bike [VIDEO]

Optibike is one of the most innovative electric bike companies and to prove that they recently introduced their SIMBB electric bike with a mid drive system that houses everything (motor, battery and controller) in an aluminum case that is a structural part of the frame.

According to Jim Turner (Founder & President of Optibike), when many people first see the system they ask where the battery is!  It is pretty impressive that everything is housed in a relatively small mid drive case.

By housing the motor and battery in the bottom bracket area it keeps [Read more…]

Electric Bike News: E-Bike Skiing, Copenhagen E-Bike Share, Optibike B.E.A.S.T, Magnic Light & More! [VIDEOS]

Drummer Electric Bikes is a new e-bike company on the scene with 5 different models including an electric cargo trike.   Their DBO-7 model definitely have an interesting design with the battery mounted in a frame tube behind the seat post.

I like the title of the this article “Here’s Why The Next Generation of Electric Bikes Will Be Awesome“.  The author highlights the benefits of the new Copenhagen Wheel and FlyKly Smartwheel all-in-one electric bike kits.

Optibike has partnered with the Boulder Colorado B-cycle bike sharing program.  They have provided an Optbike to pull a trailer that carries other bikes!  “The concept behind the B-cycle Electric-Assist Service Trailer (B.E.A.S.T) was to [Read more…]

The Electric Bike Scene at Interbike – Part 4 – E-Bike Picture Extravaganza!

In this final installment of electric bike coverage from Interbike (largest bicycle tradeshow in the US) I have a picture slideshow of some of the many e-bike sights from the show.

Some of these bikes were shown in the video coverage from the previous 3 parts but some of them are new to the coverage.

Here are the [Read more…]

The Electric Bike Scene at Interbike 2013 – Part 3 – OHM, Energie Cycles, Felt, Specialized, A2B, ProdecoTech, Polaris, & More [VIDEOS]

In this 3rd installment of e-bike Interbike coverage there are videos of the new 2014 electric bikes from OHM Cycles, Energie Cycles, Felt Bicycles (Fat tire Bosch kit bike!), the Specialized Turbo, A2B, ProdecoTech, Polaris, Motiv, and the Lectric Cycles Fat e-bike.

Also included is coverage of a new cloud based e-bike diagnostic software called eSocialBike.

Make sure you also checkout [Read more…]

The Electric Bike Scene at Interbike 2013 – Part 1 – Pedego, Haibike, eFlow, IZIP, Optibike, & BH Easy Motion [VIDEOS]

Wow, there was a lot happening in the electric bike world at Interbike 2013!

Interbike is the largest bicycle tradeshow in the US and it is where bicycle brands show off their new products for the next year and meet with their dealers to talk about orders for the next year.

This first part of electric bike coverage at Interbike features videos of the new electric bikes for 2014 from brands like Pedego, Haibike, eFlow, IZIP,  Optibike, and BH Easy Motion.

Enjoy the following videos and [Read more…]

USA E-Bike Market Doubles to 159,000 bikes, 908 dealers, & 134 brands!

This is a press release from eCycle Electric International Consultants.

eCycleElectric International Consultants announces results of research into USA ebike market size for 2013.

During the one-year period July 2012 to July 2013, the USA Electric Bike market appears to have doubled over numbers published by Electric Bike Reports WorldWide for 2012.

Searches of Customs and Border Protection records, phone surveys of dealers, Internet searches and interviews of [Read more…]

E-Bike News: Toyota E-Bike, New Factories, New Designs & Tech, E-Bike Book, Tours, & More!

Is Toyota getting into electric bikes?  Here is a concept e-bike from the large auto manufacturer.  It has a mid drive motor and the battery is housed in the mainframe.

This concept may never make it to production but Toyota is claiming that their new i-Road electric 3 wheeler will.  The i-Road is an interesting vehicle that blends some of the e-trike technology with car technology.

BMC recently opened their new Stromer electric bike assembly facility near Bern Switzerland.  They invested $8 million euro’s in [Read more…]

The New Optibike M4 Electric Bike: An Affordable Optibike……[VIDEO]

Yes, affordable and Optibike don’t normally go together in the same sentence, but the M4 is the most economical of the Optibike line up at $5995!

But that is the price for the quality that Optibke prides itself on.

This is what Optibike has to say about the new M4:

“Introducing the new Optibike M4; If you have been looking for the American quality and award winning design of the Optibike at an affordable price; [Read more…]

Optibike 1100R Electric Bike: Specs, Video & Pictures

The Optibike 1100R is a luxury electric bike!

Talk about a high quality, powerful, fast and expensive electric bike!  The Optibike 1100R is that bike.

This preview will give you a good idea of the specifications of the bike along with an in depth look at all the parts that make this bike unique.

Make sure you check out the full review of the Optibike 1100R electric bike here.

Optibike 1100R Electric Bike Specifications: [Read more…]