10 Electric Bike Motorized Trailers for an Extra Boost [VIDEOS]

ridekick-electric-bike-trailerBy Martin Laird

Electric bikes are great, but what if there was an option for an electric cargo trailer that pushes your traditional bike?

There is!

From the small trailers that can handle the daily commute items to large e-cargo trailers that can carry kayaks and up to 330 pounds of capacity, there is a growing number of options in the e-cargo trailer world.

You can take the extra weight, people, or cargo with you without putting the strain on your bike or your legs, and here are the top options for an effortless ride with a heavy haul. [Read more…]

Cycloboost Electric Bike Trailer: Add Some Boost & Cargo to Your Bike! [VIDEO]

The Cycloboost/AEVON electric bike trailer is a new addition to the e-trailer world with the ability to carry a lot of cargo on or off road for potentially long distances!

Electric bicycle trailers are handy if you have a traditional bike that you would like to add electric assist to now and then.  Ridekick is one of the early pioneers of electric trailers.

The Cycloboost trailer could be used for: [Read more…]

Ridekick International Electric Bike Trailers Exhibits at Interbike While Launching Sales in Australia

Ridekick electric bike trailer.

This is a press release from Ridekick International.

Fort Collins, Colorado – Ridekick International, a Colorado-based company, is returning to Interbike for its third year to showcase the company and its products on the exhibit floor.

The company’s product, the Ridekick power trailer, has been in the market over a year, and the team is back at Interbike to continue growing sales channels, introduce a longer-range lithium battery, and [Read more…]

Electric Bike Sharing in San Francisco!

New Electric Bike Sharing Program Coming Soon!

This is really cool! CityCarShare will begin adding electric bikes and electric cargo trailers to it’s current fleet of cars and trucks as a low cost option to easily rent an e-bike or e-trailer.

Zipcar and CityCarShare have proven that car sharing can work so now CityCarShare will be experimenting with electric bikes & trailers.  This is a great way to encourage people to think about whether they need a car for their errands or if an electric bike will work for their trip.

This program (which is funded by the Federal [Read more…]

Electric Bike Kit Guide

Here is an electric bike kit guide that I have put together for you to help sort out what kits are available for your bicycle.  Some of these kits are just for converting your current bicycle to electric and other kits will only be speced on new complete ebikes.  I will continue to add to this list as I come across more ebike kits.

Electric Bike Hub Motor Kits

Hub motor kits are the “norm” these days and they are a great way to power an ebike.

Clean Republic offers one of the more economical front hub motor kits.  It looks like it is very easy to install and remove if you want to return your bike to a regular bike.  Use this Clean Republic coupon code to get [Read more…]

Electric Bike News Week of 11-8-10

Ahhh another week of e-bike news and happenings!  This is a place where I compile news and other electric bike or regular bicycle items of interest.

I update this through out the week as I come across more cool news and cool stories, so stay tuned 🙂

And if you want to contribute an e-bike news article or story, please leave them in the comments section at the end of this post.

One more thing: If you would rather watch a video recap of this news, you can check it out here on e-bike news TV 🙂

And now the news!

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