Velosurance: Deluxe Insurance for Your Electric Bike

Electric bikes can be a significant investment and now there is electric bike specific insurance being offered by Velosurance Electric Bicycle Insurance.

In fact, Velosurance offers many coverage options that traditional home owner or renter insurance policies don’t offer.

Velosurance offers the availability of a multi-risk, stand-alone bicycle insurance policy allowing cyclists to insure their bikes for theft, physical loss, damage, and liability.

Here is some information on e-bike specific insurance from Velosurance CEO, Dave Williams. [Read more…]

Electric Bike News: Tilting E-Cargo Trike, UPS E-Trike, Velosurance, Shimano & Yamaha Mid Drives, & More! [VIDEOS]

Butchers & Bicycles is a wild name for a bike/trike company but here is the reasoning behind it: “designed, developed and hand built with love and pride in Copenhagen’s meatpacking district”.  This tilting electric cargo trike looks like it will make errand running or a delivery business a lot of fun; checkout the video!

Speaking of delivery businesses, UPS is using a pedal/electric trike in Germany to deliver packages in congested city areas; how cool is that!  FedEx is using a pedal/electric trike for deliveries in [Read more…]