Getting the Word Out: Electric Bike Seminars!

Turbo Bob presenting at his electric bike seminar.

Recently my friend Turbo Bob did something really cool, he held an electric bike seminar for 80 people in San Diego California.  His mission was to educate people about electric bikes and then let them test ride 29 different e-bikes!

I congratulate Bob for his hard work in setting this up and getting the word out to the people in his community!  The combination of a presentation about e-bikes and the opportunity to ride so many different bikes at one time is a very cool experience.

The seminar was such a success that the venue owners want Bob to do it again!  And it sounds like Bob is looking forward to the next one.

This got me thinking about how this could be replicated in other communities around the world.  A seminar like this could be put on by e-bike enthusiasts like Bob and myself, but it could also be put on by a local shop owner.

Bob’s numbers are impressive, but even if you had 10-20 people at a seminar it could be very effective.  Traditional bike shops offer seminars on bike maintenance in the evenings.  Why not copy that format with a few e-bike seminars?

A local bike e-bike shop could partner with other local businesses to draw people who would be interested in e-bikes.  These businesses could be coffee shops, restaurants, natural food stores, a gym, farmers markets, etc.

Bob had representatives from electric bike companies that presented their bikes and answered questions.  A local e-bike shop owner could also coordinate with their local reps to have them present at their seminar.

Again, I applaud Bob for making the seminar happen.  Here is a recap of his seminar.

One final thought: If you are an electric bike owner, you can help too, by encouraging your friends to take a spin on your electric bike!  The more people on bikes, the better 🙂

What do you think?  Would you like to go to an e-bike seminar to get more information and test ride a bunch of different e-bikes?  Please leave your comments in the section below.



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    This is one of the reasons behind our 32ft RV that has been wrapped with e-bike graphics and tows a 12ft trailer which will have up to 12 e-bikes for demo. We are making this traveling dealer demo van part of our support program as well as using it for consumer education. We also have an inflatable arch that goes with the rig to bigger events.

    We will be glad to support any type of consumer program for the industry.

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      Ray, if you are ever in the Redding, CA area please let me know and I will get the word out and of coarse attend any event on ebikes you put on.
      Ebikes are coming of age with the gas prices rising, high maintenance cost of cars, insurance, and in general the hassle of operating a car. I ride mine all around town to get mail, pick up groceries, and visit friends.

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    Last year we did something like a seminar, more of an e-bike demo event at our store that included representation from vendors that we sell in our store and not.

    On September 21- Motostrano is launching a new retail location in San Francisco that will focus heavily on the electric bicylce and feature all of our e-bikes and we intend to have similar social and learning events for electric bikes, as well as demo days.

    We’ll also probably do another one at our Redwood City location so that multiple vendors can set up in our parking lot and customers can talk with vendors, learn about ebikes and try them.


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