Cool Looking Bike Helmets …. Really?

Is that really a bike helmet?

Could there really be such a thing as cool looking, stylish bike helmets?

Well there are some new lids (helmets) out there that add some style to that otherwise weird looking piece of styrofoam that protects your head.

The following are a number of helmet companies that are making bike helmets a little less helmet like.


The stylish Yakkay bike helmets.

The stylish Yakkay bike helmets.

First off are the Yakkay helmets.  They really do look like your wearing a hat.  You can buy the base helmet and different covers to fit your style.


The wild and zany Nutcase bike helmets!

The wild and zany Nutcase bike helmets!

Next up are the Nutcase helmets.  These still look like bike helmets, but they have a retro look with a bunch of different styles.  These seem to be popular with the urban hip crowd.  I like all the different styles they have.


The Giro Surface bike helmet.

The Giro Surface bike helmet.

The Giro Surface Multi-Sport Helmet also comes in a variety of colors and styles (hardshell or fabric).  Giro is a well known brand in the bike racing realm.


Lazer Cityzen bike helmets.

Lazer Cityzen bike helmets.

Here are the Lazer Cityzen helmets, similar to Yakkay style but they are a lot cheaper; about half the cost!


Bern bike helmets.

Bern bike helmets.

And finally the Bern helmets, which kind of have that kayak helmet style.  Bern helmets have different liner kits that can be used for cold or warm weather riding.


What do you think?  Would you like to have one of these helmets? Do you know of some other bike helmets that are a cool looking?  Please share in the comment section below.



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  1. Pgwphotography says

    When I rode in Ireland on a Whisper, the rental people supplies Yakkay helmets. Comfortable, and good looking.

  2. qtip says

    if i had one of these maybe i wouldnt have been stopped by the cops four times for no helmet.(never got a ticket tho)

  3. Lin B says

    I’ve got a Bern helmet I love. With the replaceable liners for weather, and the built-in soft visor, it’s perfect. I love the look of the Yakkay helmets, but I always worry about having a fabric cover – if you get hit by a car and go sliding/flying, will it catch on something and perhaps twist your neck? The slick lids don’t have this issue. Before my Bern, I had a Nutcase. The magnetic clasp is fantastic and I wish all helmets had them. I just found the helmet a bit heavy and not quite the right fit for my head. As they say, the best helmet is the one you use!


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