Electric Bike Mid Drive Guide

Haibike FS RX bosch motorMid drive systems provide motor power through the cranks of the bike to leverage the drivetrain (or “transmission”) to climb almost any hill and speed along on flat ground.

Mid drives have been popular in many European markets and they are starting to gain popularity in the US and Canadian markets.

This guide will outline the popular systems that are equipped on complete e-bikes as well as retrofit mid drive systems that can be added to a conventional bike. [Read more…]

2014 Electric Bike Tech & What To Look Forward to in 2015 [VIDEOS]

stromer st2 smartphone applicationBy Maria Ramos.

With electric bikes increasing in popularity, the technological advancements in 2014 were impressive.

Let’s take a look at the biggest e-bike tech news of the past year, and discuss what we expect to see happen in the electric bike world in 2015. [Read more…]

IZIP E3 Peak Electric Bike Review [VIDEO]


The IZIP E3 Peak; a versatile high performance electric mountain bike.

If you are looking for a versatile high performance electric mountain bike, then I recommend that you checkout this review of the IZIP E3 Peak from Currie Technologies!

The Peak is a mid drive motor electric bike that can climb almost any hill and fly along the flats at 28+ mph.

It is designed as a hardtail mountain bike with 27.5″ wheels but it can also be used for around town commuting or rolling along country roads.

At $3,000 USD it offers a number of features that [Read more…]

IZIP E3 Peak Electric Bike Video, Pictures, & Specs

The IZIP E3 Peak; a 27.5" wheel e-mountain bike with mid drive motor, 48V mid mount battery, up to 28 mph, & more!

The IZIP E3 Peak; a 27.5″ wheel e-mountain bike with mid drive motor, 48V mid mount battery, up to 28 mph, & more!

The new 2014 IZIP E3 Peak mid drive electric mountain bike has arrived for testing and review!

Currie Technologies has really gone all out with this new high speed (28 mph) e-mtb that features a 350 watt mid drive motor, 48V mid mount lithium battery, 27.5″ (650b) wheels, RockShox suspension fork, and more!

In this first part of the review there are a BUNCH of detailed pictures and specifications to get you familiar with the Peak. [Read more…]

E-Bike News: Sidecar E-Bike, Faraday, Police E-Bikes, Mid Drives, Britt Pedal, & More! [VIDEOS]


Checkout this e-bike with sidecar!  It’s from Italy’s Bad Bike company and it’s called the Beach Vintage Side.

How about some entertainment?  A GoCycle electric bike was stolen in London and the thief called the owner for charging instructions!!!!

This is a great story on families in San Francisco who are using cargo bikes and electric assist as the new “minivan”.

Speaking of e-cargo bikes, the crowd sourced cargo bike documentary, LESS CAR MORE GO, has [Read more…]

Demo Day at Eurobike (Conventional Bikes Need Not Apply)

The Riese and Muller speed pedelec electric bike goes up to 45 km/h!

This is a guest report from Brett Thurber, owner of The New Wheel, an electric bike store in San Francisco, California.

It didn’t look to be a fun demo day for those presenting their conventional bicycles. Pitched tents were crowded with reps and brand new bicycles, waiting to be asked out for a spin.

But of the thousands of bicycle industry people who had descended on the small town of Ratzenried for Eurobike’s annual Demo Day, hardly a soul was interested in trying an old-fashioned [Read more…]