10 Tips for Improving Your Electric Bike’s Range

Improve Your Electric Bike Range!

Are you concerned about your electric bike’s range?  Would you like to know some tricks for extending your e-bike range when you have that extra errand to run but don’t have that much charge left in your battery?

Electric bike range is a common concern among e-bikers and I would like to offer some tips that will help you make the most of your electric bike ride.  Some of these tips are obvious but I have thrown in some additional tips that may help you add a few more miles or kilometers to your e-bike range.

Electric Bike Range Tips

1.  Okay, let’s get the most obvious one out of the way [Read more…]

New Futuristic Electric Bike: The Smart Ebike [VIDEO]

Wow!  This is a cool looking ebike!  This is an electric bike from Smart (the same company that makes the tiny Smart car).  It is very futuristic in looks as well as how it functions.

I am excited about this new development from an automobile company because it is adding a new perspective on ebikes from people outside of the bicycle industry.  I think that ebikes are a great form of transportation for all types of people; [Read more…]

NEW Shimano Electric Bike Component Group = Excitement!

This is really cool!  Shimano (one of the most reputable bike component manufacturer’s) is coming out with an electric bike component group!  It is called the Shimano STEPS (Shimano Total Electric Power System) electric bike component group.  This is good news for the electric bike market because Shimano has a reputation of providing quality components that work very well and last a long time.  They are typically engineering and manufactured with very tight tolerances.  This component group looks like it will be a success because [Read more…]