Guide To Electric Recumbent Trikes [UPDATED]

Electric recumbent trikes are lightweight 3 wheeled pedal/electric vehicles that offer some car like features.

For instance, some of them have weather protection, cargo & passenger capacity, full suspension, comfortable seats, lights & mirrors, etc.

Some of these e-recumbent trikes are designed for everyday commuting around town and some of them “amplify” your pedal power up to highway speeds!

The following is a guide to complete e-recumbent trikes, ideas on adding electric assist to a recumbent trike, and a look at the future of e-trikes. [Read more…]

85.9 MPH on an Outrider USA Electric Trike, World Record! [VIDEO]

Checkout this video of Tommy Ausherman, co-founder of Outrider USA, flying down an airport runway at 85.9 mph on a modified Outrider USA 422 Alpha electric trike!

And kids, don’t try this at home, this is a professional rider on a closed track….

This video was shot with GoPro action [Read more…]

Outrider USA Launches New Adaptive Use Electric Bike on Kickstarter

This is a press release from Outrider USA.

Outrider USA wants to bring the joy of bike riding and mobility to people with physical disabilities, with their new electric bike, Horizon.

Founders Jesse Lee, Tom Ausherman, and Daniel Rhyne launched a 30 day Kickstarter campaign with a goal of raising $100k for the first production run.

“The driving mission behind the Horizon trike is simple: Just because an individual has a  physical disability, doesn’t mean they don’t still crave the adventure and freedom of riding a bike,” [Read more…]

Test Riding the Outrider USA 422 High Performance Electric Recumbent Trike!

The Outrider USA 422 Alpha Adventure Vehicle = 40+ mph, 4,200 watts of power, and up to 165 miles of range!

Let’s just say the Outrider USA recumbent electric trikes are high performance vehicles 🙂

Recently, Jesse, Daniel and Tommy from Outrider USA visited here in Sedona AZ and I had a chance to ride their top of the line 422 Alpha adventure vehicle.

Not only did I get to test ride this e-trike but the guys from Outrider had a chance to sample some of the scenic and twisty roads here [Read more…]

E-Bike News: Cykno Retro E-Bike, E-Cruiser/Diavelo, Vancouver E-Bike Share, & More! [VIDEO]

Whoa!  Checkout the retro style Cykno electric bike with a carbon fiber frame, fork, wheels, brake levers.  The Cykno also features a mid drive motor, 360 watt hour lithium polymer battery, and pedal assist (pedelec).  No word on price yet, but I bet it ain’t cheap!

The new HeroEco A2B bikes were presented at a launch event in New York City recently.  Here is a report from an author of TechCrunch about his experience with the new A2B.  And here is some news about their recent launch event in Munich.

E-Cruiser Bikes is bringing the E-Cruiser brand and the Diavelo/Protanium bikes to [Read more…]